How to Use Priority Pass in Overwatch

Queue times in the competitive mode of Overwatch Winter Wonderland are really annoying. Fortunately, the developers have come up with an effective way to make the experience better via Priority Passes. In this Overwatch Priority Pass guide, we’ll explain priority passes and how to use them.

Overwatch Priority Pass

Priority Passes in Overwatch are an effective solution to waiting times in the competitive modes. Before you try out the priority passes in PTR, you should know what they really do and how they are going to make everything better.

How do Priority Passes work?

The competitive mode of Overwatch requires the teams to have two Tank, two Support and two Damage players.

With damage being the most popular chosen role by the players, it just makes the queue times for the players with damage roles much worse. This is where the Priority Pass kicks in.

Before you start the mode itself, choose the ”Flex” option, which will load you into PTR with a random role. As you didn’t actually choose a role for yourself, you will be awarded Priority passes as a reward for the next game.

The priority passes then can be used to get the priority to be chosen at the Damage role for your team in the next match.

This reduces the overall queuing times and also balances out the benefit certain players would take from choosing a particular role for themselves, which apparently is the Damage role.

Priority passes happen to work for the party plays too. You won’t feel guilty for making your teammates wait if you spend the pass for a specific role you want.

This is justified as you gave up your will to earn the Priority passes before anyway and that is how everything just balances out, particularly the queuing times.

You can earn up to 40 Priority Passes, which can be used later on. So, playing Flex mode will surely help you stock up these.

You will most likely be given a Tank or Support role, but you might even get Damage if you are lucky enough.

Using Priority Passes

In the Queue menu, where you can choose a certain role, you will find estimated matchmaking times against each role, with Damage being the most.

You can then spend your priority pass on your choice on any other role by pressing the Right triggers on your controller.

This will then reduce the matchmaking time for you and you will enter the match much quicker.

If a role already has a very low matchmaking time compared to others, you won’t be allowed to spend your priority pass on that.