Overwatch Meets Pokemon, How Overwatch Pokemon Trainers Might Look

An enterprising artist on Tumblr known as Elstrawfedora has decided to draw a series of pictures featuring Overwatch Pokemon trainers, only adding to the sheer amount of fanart that the game has gotten since its release back in late May. The art features nearly all of the Overwatch heroes as “Hero” type trainers, and each showing off one of the many Pokemon available.

These include Tracer with a Pikachu, Soldier 76 with a Braviary, D.Va with a Plusle and Minun, Junkrat with an Electrode, Reinhardt with an Agron, Widowmaker with an Ariados, Bastion with a Genesect, Symmetra with a Porygon, Lucio with a Loudred, Mercy with an Audino (in its Mega Evolution), Pharah with a Lucario, Reaper with a Darkrai, Zenyatta with an Alakazam, Roadhog with an Emboar, McCree with a Cacturn, Zarya with a Machamp, Torbjorn with a Klink, Winston with a Slaking, Mei with a Swinub, Hanzo with Reshiram, and Genji with Zekrom.

All of the Overwatch Pokemon trainers have had thought put into what would likely be their specialties in Pokemon, or at least ones that relate to them: be it monkeys for Winston, fast Pokemon for Tracer, Psychic-types like Zenyatta, or even the two competing legendary Dragon Pokemon for Hanzo and Genji.

Considering how chaotic many Overwatch games already are, the prospect of Overwatch Pokemon trainers is both amazing and somewhat terrifying. At the same time, it would also be interesting to see who the best Pokemon trainer is among the bunch. Each of the different Pokemon that the group has its own strengths and weaknesses, and there’s at least one among the bunch that can counter another similar to how the game already works.

Unfortunately there’s no likelihood that a crossover between Blizzard and Nintendo is in the works so all we can do is sit, dream…and possibly write fan-fiction about what would actually happen.