Overwatch Might Support Project Scorpio 4K, Says Jeff Kaplan

Overwatch’s director Jeff Kaplan was reached by ibtimes.com to talk about some hot topics, including Project Scorpio 4K.

When asked whether the company will support Project Scorpio, Kaplan has stated that it might eventually happen. Blizzard loves improving their games and supporting new technologies, and Overwatch has already proved it can support 4K on PC.

During the interview, Jeff Kaplan has talked about Overwatch’s story, and how the team could expand it in the future.

Yeah. I think we have plans to expand on how the story is told both outside and inside the game. Obviously the animated shorts are what we love doing the most. We feel so fortunate, the game gets to interact with our animation team on those, and it’s like the funnest, most collaborative, creative meetings I’ve ever been in. We have big plans for the future. I think our next comic that comes out is our best comic ever, that tells more of the Overwatch’s story than any comic has told before, so I’m pretty excited for that. We’ll continue to put things in the game and in maps that tell the story.

Despite Project Scorpio 4K and a possible port, Overwatch is very successful on PC and consoles right now, but many people would like to put their hands on a portable version for the Nintendo Switch.

Jeff Kaplan is a true Switch lover, as proved by one of his statements on Reddit, but it will be very challenging for the team to bring the game to Switch, at least according to Kaplan.

Anyhow, Switch’s success could eventually lead Blizzard to an Overwatch Switch version.

Overwatch is a FPS by Blizzard that released on May 24, 2016, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.