Overwatch Hero 31 Accidentally Leaked by Official Twitter

Overwatch Hero 31 might have been leaked by the official World Cup Twitter page from Mexico. Hero 31 was teased by game director Jeff Kaplan last week. Other than a tease that this character is male, we had nothing to go by but it seems things might be changing soon.

Keep in mind that this is not official information until Blizzard Entertainment comes out to confirm it. We will discuss why this could and couldn’t be fake. The post is reportedly pulled from Overwatch Espanol news blog.

What Do We Know About Overwatch Hero 31

The new Overwatch Hero is Sigma, the old man is looking close to the age of Reinhardt. The leak shares two main things – his name and a portrait. The official Twitter page for Overwatch World Cup posted multiple images as “temp art” to show the upcoming role queue feature. One of the images features Sigma, our possible new Overwatch Hero.

At the top of the character list, you can see Sigma as the most played Overwatch Hero. This led us to believe that the unannounced Overwatch Hero 31 could be Sigma. His name and the fact that he is an old man, there is nothing we know about his role in Overwatch. Is he a healer? Shield? We don’t know. But since the last Overwatch character, Baptiste is a healer, we doubt Blizzard will add another healer so soon. We can at least safely rule out Sigma as a healer.

While this is exciting to look at, this might very well be a fake. The name Sigma sounds pretty close to an internet joke, “Ligma.”

But there is evidence to suggest Sigma could be our Hero 31 for Overwatch. Those following Overwatch lore would know there is a clothing line called Sigma in Overwatch universe. Our hero 31, Sigma, could be the man behind this clothing line.

Blizzard is known to tease upcoming characters in one way or another so this could be its way of teasing the new character? Well, it could be since the original post hasn’t been removed.

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