Overwatch Game of the Year Edition Unearthed, Includes Loot Boxes

Data miners have discovered the listing for an Overwatch Game of the Year Edition, hidden deep within the official Xbox Games Store.

According to the product description (via True Achievements), it will feature all the content currently available with the game’s Origins Edition as well as ten free loot boxes. The Overwatch Game of the Year Edition is arriving on May 23 to celebrate the team-based shooter’s first anniversary this month. Its special loot boxes will contain over a hundred cosmetic items, and will be available until the first week of June.

There is no information on what content will be available for the occasion, but a recent hint by game director Jeff Kaplan made it clear that Symmetra is finally receive a new Legendary skin. She is probably only one hero who will fill the shoes of a starring role when the celebrations go underway.

This month holds great importance for the community. Besides the birthday, the fourth season will conclude in the last week. A timer shall soon be added within the game to make it easier for everyone to keep tabs on when the season will be ending. The next season is scheduled to commence from the first week of June.

Those who complete their placement matches before the end of the season will be eligible to receive a special spray and player icon. However, those who manage to place in the top 500 of a region will receive an additional animated spray and player icon. The rewards-theme for the current season is Hanamura. All rewards will be sent out once the season ends, and automatically added to eligible accounts.

Overwatch boasts over thirty million registered players worldwide. In the company’s latest earnings report, Blizzard revealed that the new team-based shooter had crossed a major sales milestone to become its eighth billion-dollar franchise. The achievement is incredibly impressive, especially considering that the game was released just a year ago.


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