Overwatch Free Weekend Coming Next Week On PC With All 28 Heroes And More

Overwatch is one of the best multiplayer shooters of this generation which is evident with its success and Blizzard Entertainment’ support for the game. However, if you are one of those who are yet to get their hands on the game then you can try the game next week as Blizzard is bringing another Overwatch free weekend.

Overwatch free weekend will start on July 26 and will continue till July 30, however, the Overwatch free weekend will only be for the PC version of the game.

The Overwatch free weekend will allow players to play all Arcade modes along with all 28 heroes. The free weekend will also coincide with Overwatch League Grand Finals so expect the game to be crowded.

For this free weekend, we’re making Overwatch’s full roster of 28 heroes—including Wrecking Ball—and 18 maps available for play in a variety of modes, including Quick Play, Custom Games, and the Arcade. Players will also be able to level up, earn Loot Boxes, and unlock a variety of different customization options for their heroes.

Also, if you decide to buy the game after the free weekend, you will be able to keep your progress made during the free weekend.

Overwatch is a multiplayer shooter that also features competitive games and abusive behavior among the players is bound to happen. While it is almost impossible to eliminate the abusive chat or behavior from the game but Blizzard has been successful in reducing it.

According to game director Jeff Kaplan, the abusive behavior or chart has been reduced by 25% in competitive games in America while the players being abusive overall have been reduced by 30%.

This is a significant achievement on part of the developers as it is very difficult to do crowd control in online games but somehow, Blizzard has been successful in doing so.

Overwatch is a first-person multiplayer shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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