Overwatch Fan Theory About Symmetra Confirmed by Blizzard

Overwatch is full of diverse characters with a colorful backstory for each character. However, Blizzard Entertainment did not fully reveal the stories for each character and here the community came in that analyzed the clues and came up with fan theories and one Overwatch fan theory exists for Symmetra that the devs just acknowledged that it is true.

A letter from, Overwatch’s game director, Jeff Kaplan, explicitly referred Symmetra, which is one of the most intriguing characters, as autistic for the first time.

It’s very astute of you to notice that she mentioned the spectrum in our comic. Symmetra is autistic. She is one of our most beloved heroes and we think she does a great job of representing just how awesome someone with autism can be.

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The recipient also posted the image of the letter on Tumble which you can see below.

Blizzard Entertainment confirmed to Polygon that both the letter and Kaplan’s note about Symmetra are accurate. This gives credibility to the Overwatch fan theory that has been circulating the internet since May 2016, that Symmetra is autistic.

In related news, Jeff Kaplan has also stated that players that are exploiting the game to farm experience points are to start getting hit with punishments. He also added that those players who help other players through the Custom Game Browser to farm experience points, their accounts can potentially be banned.

Overwatch is first-person multiplayer shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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