Overwatch Dev Hopes To See Consoles To Open Up For Cross Platform

Overwatch is one the best team based shooter you can play right now with more than 40 Million players across all platforms and it will be amazing to see Overwatch being played on multiple platforms which Game director Jeff Kaplan has talked about recently. Though it has been revealed before by Blizard that it has no plans for bringing cross-platform play as it can cause competitive issues.

That was revealed by Blizzard on Twitter two years ago when Overwatch launched and thankfully it’s changed and now everyone is keeping their eyes on Battle royale genre thanks to PUBG and Fortnite which is the top played game in 8 different regions on Xbox One.

Jeff Kaplan said

Fortnite and PUBG recently made a huge impact on gaming by having cross-platform experiences that spanned the PC, consoles, and mobile. Cross-platform experiences, especially in social games or games with persistent progression, are very exciting.

I hope to see platforms open up and embrace the way players want to play more. The technology and the desire exist. I believe it would be beneficial to everyone to open platforms up more to bring players together. So I’m definitely hoping for more cross-platform opportunities.”

So this statement by developers tells us that they are open for cross-platform opportunities in the future where we finally might get to play with our friends on other platforms without a hassle.

Other than that, It’s been two years and Blizzard is bringing new content to the game as we get closer to the game’s anniversary on May 24. A new map Petra is coming to the game for deathmatch mode.

Blizzard has also revealed that they might kill a hero in the future but it will be still playable which made some fans worry about their favorite characters from the game.

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