Overwatch Custom Games Will Be Improved, Could See Low Gravity Settings

The custom lobby of Overwatch is for players who want to take a breather from the more competitive nature of the game through different modes and settings.

Custom fields offer a more tailored experience for players and there is great entertainment to be had. Blizzard is fully aware of the importance of custom games and is interested in providing additional layers of customization for its Overwatch community.

For a while now, players have been requesting the feature to tinker with the physics of the game. This means access to change how fast or slow heroes can run, adjusting the fire-rate of weapons and cooldown timers, the height players can jump, and more.

Responding to a question on the official forums as to whether Overwatch could get a low-gravity map, game director Jeff Kaplan teased that the idea “sounds like fun” before adding a little emoticon at the end.

An option to change the gravity settings of each map would allow players to pretty much fly around, birth space wars in a way. The likelihood of gravity settings being added is high because such teasers have been given by the developer before as well. According to rumors, they are in fact already undergoing internal testing.

Most recently, Blizzard confirmed that it would be releasing a map editor for Overwatch but not anytime soon. The modding capability is present on the game’s road-map and will arrive “someday.” The developer explained that the delay is because Overwatch is powered by a brand new engine that is evolving steadily. At some point, it will be powerful enough to allow the community to start modding the game.

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