Overwatch Celebrates 40 Million Players And Its Second Birthday With Two New Epic Skins

There are only a few days left before Overwatch turns 2 years old and while Blizzard preps up for the anniversary event next week. Jeff Kaplan announced.

With only a few days left before Overwatch celebrates its second birthday, Blizzard has already something even greater to celebrate about. The game director Jeff Kaplan, in the recent developer notebook, announced that Overwatch has surpassed 40 million players across PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Overwatch was released on May 24, 2016, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. So in just five days, the game will be 2 years old. Nothing would have been better than to know that the game has also reached 40 million players.

Since the launch of the anniversary event is scheduled for next week, Blizzard has also unveiled two new skins for Tracer and Soldier: 76. Tracer- Eclair has a fluorescent yellow outfit and an Iroquois crest, while Soldier: 76- Venom is light blue with a cobra in the back.

To be honest, this is not something big but considering the game has reached 40 million players and Overwatch anniversary is next week, Blizzard should probably be revealing some skins as the event arrives.

In other news, Blizzard’s efforts to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation will continue until May 21 and Blizzard has officially announced that it has raised nearly $10 million for the BCRF, which is also a huge achievement. If you wish to donate to the foundation, you can buy a Rose skin for Angel at 15€ and the money collected will be forwarded to the association.