Overwatch Baptiste Hero Guide – Abilities, Ultimate, Counters, and Matchups

As Blizzard Entertainment continues support for Overwatch, we have a new character this time of the year.

The latest addition to the ever-growing roster is a Combat Healer, Baptiste. Find out more about him including his abilities and relevant counter-pick characters against him.

Overwatch Baptiste

Overwatch released its 30th Hero named Baptiste. For now, Baptiste is only available for the PC’s Public Test Realm (PTR) but will soon make his appearance on other platforms as well.

Blizzard announced that Baptiste would be the 7th Support Hero in the game. Even though he is a Support Hero, he is also strong on the offensive side. Let us get right into his abilities and tips to play the hero.


Firstly, the Medic SMG which is his primary weapon. The Medic SMG consists of a three-round burst-shot that can do decent damage to the enemy.

It also consists of the Biotic Launcher that launches grenades that heal your teammates but will not heal Batiste himself.

Regenerative Burst

This ability can provide a heal over time function that heals teammates within an area. This ability heals Baptiste as well. The ability will continue to heal teammates even if they leave the area.

Immortality Field

This allows Baptiste to throw a device that sticks on the ground on impact; this creates a visible forcefield.

This forcefield makes anyone inside it immortal as in the person will not die in the field but can take damage up to the point where his health reaches almost 20%.

However, the opposing team can deactivate the forcefield if they destroy the device and the effects of the device will be stopped.

You can use this device behind Reinhardt or Orissa’s shield that will make the device more difficult to be destroyed.

This field can be highly helpful in protecting the team against deadly one-shot ultimates like Junkrat’s RIP Tyre or McCree’s Deadeye etc.

Exo Boots

This Baptiste’s passive ability allows him to jump higher up in the air. This ability has a Charge-up Meter and if you charge up to the full, you can go up real high.

This ability makes Baptiste go to different high ground and throw Heal Grenades to heal the team.

Amplification Matrix

Amplification Matrix is Baptiste’s Ultimate move that creates an outline wall that can be placed in front of you or laterally to the sides.

This matrix allows any projectile or team damage that passes through it to be amplified and it also amplifies healing done. A very powerful ultimate can decide a team fight or point capture.

You should place the Amplification Matrix at the spot where there are most chances of team fire going through it.

Counter Picks
Let us talk about counters to Baptiste. Sombra’s EMP can easily counter Baptiste since it destroys his invulnerability and abilities.

Most of the tanks can easily eliminate Baptiste in a 1v1 but Wrecking Ball faces difficulty in that. Most of the DPS cannot counter Baptiste but some with self-healing and agility can counter him easily.

On the Support side, if heroes like Zenyatta or Ana are good players they can easily counter him but if they do not have good aim they might be in a tough situation while the rest of Support Hero excluding Mercy can counter him in a 1v1.

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