Overwatch 2 Trailer Drops, Features Both Old And New Characters

Blizzard’s Overwatch first released in 2016, and pioneered a new genre of multiplayer game in the form of the Hero Shooter. Now, at BlizzCon this year, Blizzard has released an Overwatch 2 trailer to announce a sequel that features characters that are both old and new for players to look forward to.

The trailer, which focuses on Winston, Mei, and Tracer as they protect Paris from a Null Sector attack, also features Reinhardt, Brigette, Mercy, Genji, and a new character named Echo. Another character, while not appearing in the short, is Sojourn.

Along with the story trailer comes a gameplay trailer that tells us just how much the game has evolved from the original Overwatch, with story missions focusing on the reborn Overwatch taking on Null Sector, Talon, and more to build on the rich lore that the original game often hinted at but never really got the opportunity to use.

From what we can tell from both trailers, we’ll be traveling all over the world to brand new maps on brand new missions, which in turn have a number of sub-types including story missions, missions focusing around a certain hero (such as Genji reconnecting with his teacher Zenyatta) and even co-op missions.

Along with that, the characters have also been fiddld with. While there will obviously be a large number of new characters coming to the game along with the old, the two trailers also show us that the character designs have been revamped, and that you can now level them up with new abilities.

The Overwatch 2 trailer comes hot on the heels of the Diablo 4 reveal trailer, which unveiled the newest installment in that series as well. But, considering how popular Overwatch was when it first launched, it’s likely that the new game will be even more popular with all of the new things that will be added.

We don’t have a release date yet, but you can watch the Overwatch 2 trailer by following this link.