Overwatch 2 Story Will Be The Culmination Of Original Game’s Setup

One of the many promises that we got from Blizzard at this year’s BlizzCon event was that the upcoming Overwatch 2 game would actually have a story mode, something that hadn’t happened with the original game. The Overwatch 2 story, according to lead writer Michael Chu, will be the culmination of the original game’s hints.

Players of Overwatch that followed the comics, events, and various shorts likely know by this point that the world is falling into chaos once again. A Second Omnic Crisis is underway in Russia claiming thousands of lives, while the terrorist group Talon is once again on the rise.

Various old threats are once again coming forward in the story of Overwatch 2, such as the Omnic terrorist group Null Sector (which players might remember from the King’s Row event), Talon, and more, and it’s up to the newly-reformed Overwatch to stop it.

According to Chu in an interview with Game Informer, the Overwatch 2 story finally allows Blizzard to take all of the characters that they built over the life of the first Overwatch game and throw them at the threats they’ve also been building up.

However, it also allows them to actually take all the character traits that they made for those characters and make use of them, too, allowing players to see how they’ll react to the reformed Overwatch. While we didn’t see the whole team in the game’s announcement short, the trailers did show us that we’d be gaining more characters as the game’s story progressed.

While it will still be a while before we actually get to see the Overwatch 2 story play out, since there was no release date given with the trailer, hopefully Blizzard will be able to make an entire game’s worth of buildup well worth the wait.

You can see the interview with Chu for yourself on the Game Informer website.