New Overwatch 2 Game Modes Hinted

Blizzard is recruiting for the creation of new Overwatch 2 game modes. Will we see a completely new cast of modes when it releases?

Since the beginning of its time, Overwatch was loved by FPS fans for being the best of both worlds when it comes to hardcore shooting and MOBA. Now that Blizzard Netertainment intends to release Overwatch 2, it goes without saying that the game will include new modes, new areas, and mechanics. A recent job listing on Blizzard Entertainment’s official website confirms the production of new modes for the sequel.

Having announced Overwatch 2 makes searching for new staff easier for Blizzard. Most Overwatch related job openings currently available are somewhat related to Overwatch 2 game modes, character designs and more.

One of those listings state clearly that Blizzard is looking for staff to help the team create new game modes for Overwatch 2. Given the fact that the sequel will include PvE hero stories, we expect unique game mechanics to enter the world of Overwatch, which will, later on, find their way to the original competitive scene.

For the time being, we know that Push Mode will be a new game mode for Overwatch 2, bringing a twist to the original Payload mode. When it comes to game modes, Blizzard is no short in ideas, with games like Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm having a load of different ones for players to try out.

We have no real indication of when Overwatch 2 will become available. However, an interview on the Playstation Brazil blog said that Overwatch 2 will be arriving on the Playstation 4 sometime this year. The statement wasn’t left online for long. The damage is now done though.

Overwatch 2 will include a brand new story mode with PvE combat, new maps and a brand new engine that Blizzard will unveil along the way. For the time being, we can enjoy the state that the game currently is, before we dive into the deep customization and hardcore shooting of its sequel sometime this year.

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