Overwatch 2 Season 1 Challenges & How To Complete Them

Overwatch 2 features several types of challenges for you to complete for additional rewards.

You first have your daily and weekly challenges that are the only way to earn Overwatch Coins for free. These are pretty straightforward and you will probably complete most of them in your first couple of games without going the extra mile. Do note that you will get a new, randomized list of challenges every day and week.

There are then seasonal and competitive challenges. Unlike the daily and weekly challenges, these remain the same throughout but must be completed before the end of the season.

For seasonal and competitive challenges, you should be ready to perform certain feats of strength. The following guide will tell you how to complete all of your seasonal and competitive challenges for the first season which is now officially live.

How to complete Overwatch 2 Season 1 challenges

As another reminder, you need to complete your seasonal challenges before the season ends. These challenges are further split into three different types.

Your competitive challenges are (obviously) going to require you to enter the Overwatch 2 ranked queues. You then have two more seasonal challenges that are based on the map and the hero you are playing. Suffice to say, you are not going to complete all of your seasonal and competitive challenges any time soon.

Season 1 competitive challenges

Challenge Name How To Complete XP Rewards
Open Queue Winning 7 Games (Competitive play’s Open Queue) 1000
Role Queue Winning 7 Games (Competitive play’s role queue) 1000
Amateur Winning 20 Games (Any competitive mode) 1000
Experienced Winning 50 Games (Any competitive mode) 1000
Veteran Winning 100 Games (Any Competitive mode) 1000

Season 1 map challenges

Challenge Name (Map) How To Complete XP Rewards
Grand Prix Champion (Circuit Royal) Winning 3 Games. 1000
Veni, Vidi, Vici (Colosseo) Winning 3 Games. 1000
Hoping for Victor (Esperance) Winning 3 Games 1000
Welcome to the 6ix (New Queen Street) Winning 3 Games. 1000
Cidade Maravilhose (Paraiso) Winning 3 Games. 1000
Staying On Track (Midtown) Gain 5 kills by being inside or near the train close to the capture point 500
High Roller (Circuit Royal) Earn 5 kills from the balcony of Maison Borsa 500
Te Salutant (Colosseo) Earning 5 kills while hearing the loud cheers of the masses. 500
Big Apple Aspirations (Midtown) Winning 3 Games. 500
Concrete Jungle Playground (Midtown) Earn 5 kills while being over the Midtown Tunnel 500
Double-Double (New Queen Street) Earn 5 kills in or from Hotel Montebianco or from the Memorial Library 500
Hometown Advantage (Paraiso) Earn 5 kills from the neighborhood rooftops 500

Season 1 hero challenges

Challenge Name (Champion) How To Complete XP Rewards
Literal Wall Hacks (Kiriko) Use your swift step through the wall to heal your teammates in 5 Games 500
Never Saw it Coming (Junker Queen) Use the return flight of your knife to damage the enemy hero 500
Railgun Mastery (Sojourn) Use your alternate fire to gain five kills. 500
One-Two Punch (Doomfist) Use Seismic Slam to leap toward an enemy and then rocket punch them in 5 Games 500
No,No, No! Yes,Yes, Yes! (Reinhardt) Use charge to get an environmental kill without falling to death 500  
In For a Shock (Winston) Use your secondary fire to inflict 1,000 damage 500
Never Skip Leg Day (Zenyatta) Use the Snap Kick ability to get an environmental kill 500
Devine Protection (Any) After your teammate, Kiriko uses Suzu to cleanse you, then stay alive for 5 seconds. 500
Denied! (Any) Earn a kill or assist on enemy Sojourn during her ultimate. 500
Ancestral Empowerment (Any) Use Kiriko’s ultimate buff to earn 5 kills. 500
Cease Your Resistance (Any) Earn 5 kills on enemies affected by Orisa’s ultimate or any abilities 500
As the Queen Commands (Any) Earn 5 kills while you are buffed by the Commanding shout ability of Junker Queen. 500
Hacksecution (Any) Earn 5 kills on enemies who Sombra’s Hack highlights. 500
All Hail the Queen (Any) Earn 5 kills on enemies while they are suffering from Ultimate of Junker Queen. 500
Disruptive Behavior (Any) Earn 5 kills on enemies who Sojourn’s Disruptor slows. 500
I make My Own Fate (Any) Escape Orisa’s Ultimate. 500
Finish Them!! (Any) Kill any hero right after they have been punched into a wall by Doomfirst. 500
Tankbuster (Any) Breaking a barrier five times in configuration: Assault as Bastion 500
Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, and Ultimates (Any) Kill 3 enemies while they are damaged by Bastion’s ultimate. 500
Hook, Line, and Sinker (Roadhog) Hook an enemy while you are using ultimate. 500
Wombo Combo (Brigitte) Kill 3 heroes using Shield Bash and Whip Flail. 500

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