Overwatch 2 Might Introduce A Battle Pass

A concept art shows an overhauled menu of Overwatch 2 and lists "Battle Pass" between the "Shop" and "Challenges" options.

Unlike most popular online shooters, Overwatch has always relied on in-game events and loot boxes to give players various cosmetics for either free or through microtransactions. That might change with Overwatch 2.

According to a concept art shared by senior UI artist Jayson Kirby earlier today, who worked on Overwatch for three years before departing in 2020, Overwatch 2 might possibly introduce battle passes for the first time in the franchise.

The concept art shows an overhauled menu of the game and lists “Battle Pass” between the “Shop” and “Challenges” options.

It should be noted that the artwork is more than a couple of years old and does not confirm if the design, as well as a battle pass, will be incorporated into Overwatch 2. The artwork, however, does confirm that Blizzard Entertainment showed interest in including battle passes during development.

“The goal was to simplify and refine the Overwatch look even more,” reads the caption of the concept art. “The focus of the menus was to really show off the Heroes in close up detail. As the player progressed through the menus, the camera and hero position/poses would change dynamically.”

Overwatch fans will not have to wait longer to confirm if battle passes are making their way into the game. Blizzard Entertainment will be hosting its first multiplayer beta test for Overwatch 2 in the coming weeks which should reveal more details.

The upcoming multiplayer beta will offer “new features, content, and systems” for players to try out, including a new Push game mode and a new ping system to make in-game communication easier.

Furthermore, the beta will also introduce Sojourn, one of the new heroes of the game; as well as four new maps: Circuit Royal, Midtown, Toronto, and Rome. Some of the original Overwatch heroes like Orisa, Doomfist, Baston, and Sombra have been reworked as well; all of whom will be available for players during the multiplayer testing.

Overwatch 2 does not currently have a release date.

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