Outward Side Missions Walkthrough Guide

In Outward, the side quests are pretty important. They can earn you some Silver Coins as well as some rations for your journey. You’ll encounter various Side Missions during the course of your journey.

Some of them may not be available for you, depending on your decisions. Our Side Quests Walkthrough Guide will help you learn everything you need to know about completing them.

Outward Side Quests Walkthrough

Cierzo is the first town you come across after the shipwreck. Immediately after getting some rest, you’ll be cornered by the villagers demanding Blood Money.

Eventually, you’ll be given 5 days to pay your dues so it’s about time to get some Silver Coins by doing some chores around town.

Side Quests can be acquired by interacting with most of the NPCs in the game. You’ll find a couple of NPCs that assign you quests, even the merchants give you some quest if you select the correct option during a dialog with them.

Helen’s Fungus
In the beginning, the money on you will be short so it might be good to start with this quest since it pays very well and you’ve got a great need for Silver Coins during the initial period.

First, find Helen in the structure below the Townhall on the map. Interact with her and she’ll ask you to find a mushroom-shaped shield.

Get the quest and head out of Cierzo. Follow the path to the left. When the path splits again, follow the path to the left again and you’ll know that you’re heading on the right path once you start seeing these circular wooden gateways along your path.

Alternately, just run towards northeast from the exit gate of Cierzo.

It’s highly advised to avoid fighting anything on your way to the destination because even the White Chicken can give you a hard time at this point and you may want to conserve your health for those inside the cave.

At the end of the path, you’ll reach the Blister Burrows Cave – head inside it!

The interior of the cave is very dark so you are required to use torches inside. Alternately, you can also turn up the Brightness in Options to max that should help you see better in dark.

Inside, you’ll face 3 or 4 enemies, one at a time along with your path. Just kill all of them and at the center of the cave, you’ll find the Red Mushroom Shield.

If you’re having a hard time killing these enemies, try to bait out their attacks by approaching them and dodging and then attacking when they’ve finished their two-hit combos.

It’s advised to explore the entire cave because you’ll also find Ash Amulet there that can also be sold to Helen for a decent price as well as some Mana Stones required for another quest.

Backtrack to Cierzo and collect your reward from Helen. She’ll give you 70 Silver for your troubles along with 30 more for the Amulet.

Need: Cierzo Ceviche
Get this quest from the Chef Argo at the harbor. During a dialog, he’ll tell you to cook Cierzo Ceviche for him. The ingredients needed to cook it are a Raw Rainbow Trout, Seaweeds, and Salt.

All of these can be found at another merchant at the harbor, near the sea. If you’ve enough Silver Coins, you can get them right away, otherwise, wait until you get them by other means.

Upon getting the ingredients, cook them in the kitchen in the lighthouse and then present it to Argo. The reward is 4 Miner Omelets.

Ledger to Berg
No need to rush this one, complete it once you get to Berg. Get the quest from the shopkeeper Doran in Cierzo. He requires you to deliver his message to another merchant in Berg.

Alchemy: Crystal Powder
A quest from the Alchemist Helmi. She needs some crystal powder for her lab. The only way to acquire the Crystal Powder is to craft it in an Alchemy Kit so the first order of business is to acquire the Alchemy Kit.

Marked on the map is the merchant that sells the Alchemy Kit. Get that and use the Mana Stones you acquired in the previous quest in Blister Burrows to craft the Crystal Powder.

Berg Side Quests

The Berg may be the next town you stumble upon, depending on which route you take.

Need: Beast Golem Scraps
Get the quest from the Kazite Assassin Ogoi. He’ll ask you to get him two Beast Golem Scraps. In order to get the scraps, you have to defeat the Beast Golems in combat and take the scraps off their corpse.

Upon receiving the scraps, Ogoi rewards you with some Silver Coins.

Alchemy: Cold Stone
This is Another Alchemist quest so again this requires the Alchemist Kit. If you haven’t gotten your hands on the Alchemist Kit yet, just scroll up and check out the previous Alchemist quest where I have mentioned the location of the kit.

Acquire the quest from the Alchemist in Berg. She wants some Cold Stones which can be crafted on the Alchemist Kit. The raw materials required for this are some Mana Stones and some Blue Sand. She rewards you 50 Silver for the stones.

Need: Manticore Tail
This one is a tough one to complete. The NPC will ask you to hunt a The Royal Manticore down. The Royal Manticore can be found in the Enmerkar Forest, west of the Berg.

Bring some Antidote with you to the fight. Defeat the creature and salvage its tail.

Ledger to Monsoon
Similar to the previous Ledger quest, you just have to reach Monsoon and talk to the merchant there. You can get this quest from the Merchant Pleel in Berg.

Craft Copal & Petrified Armor
The Blacksmith in Berg will create armor for you once you get him Copal and Petrified.

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