Outward Mixed Legacy Walkthrough Guide

Once you’ve successfully joined the Blue Chamber Collective, Mixed Legacies is the quest you’ll be taking on. For the initiation of the quest, you are supposed to talk to Rissa.

You’re now supposed to go to the Blue Chamber building. When you reach inside the building, you’ll find Chamberlords already sitting inside waiting for you to begin on the discussion.

Here’s everything you need to know about completing the Mixed Legacy quest in Outward.

Outward Mixed Legacy Quest Walkthrough

In the discussion, you won’t really find anything that’ll be helping you in your quest but the conversations are all going to be about political issues.

Once you’ve interacted with the Chamberlords and taken up on your instructions you’ll be prompted by Rissa to leave the building and be on your way to the town.

Once you leave the building, the soldiers will immediately attack you. Defeat the soldiers and after you’re safe, check on all the bodies for the loot.

At this point, anything you get will be helpful for you. Go back to the Assembly Hall and interact with the organizers who will tell you about Rissa and a few other Chmaberlords kidnaps. Moreover, you’ll be told to go to Necropolis.

Your only purpose to go to Necropolis is to be transported to Ancestor’s Resting Place and that will be done once you interact with the ladder you’ll see leaning on the wall in the room you enter into.

Climb the ladder and you’ll be sent to the Ancestor’s Resting Place. However, before doing them, you’ll find a few soldiers in other rooms. You can easily avoid them but it would be good if you’d just go and kill them so later you can loot them.

Inside you’ll find some bandits. Kill them and continue forward where you’ll be entering a cave and will be finally coming face to face to the Assassin Bug.

They’ll take some time before you defeat them so good luck with that. Continue and you’ll see a chamber. Enter it carefully because it has Mana Mantis.

Once you’re on the ground, you’ll see a corpse and near it, you’ll find a note that’ll give you instructions on what to do next.

Now you’ve to return to Berg. While you’re returning from the chamber, you can choose different methods but both will be dangerous and will require many skills.

One will be making you fight with the Rock Mantis the other will make you stand in front of the Bandit Leader and both ways will obviously have many bandits.

There will be different rewards like Ornate Chest or the Palladium Mineral Deposits. Whichever way you use, just know that danger will be following.

Once you’ve safely returned to Berg you’ve to start off on your journey to the Enmerkar Forest to visit the Burned Fort for the rescue of Rissa.

In the Burned Fort, you’ve to go inside the Wooden Tower where you’ll come across many bandits. Some can be avoided or ignored but some are to be dealt with.

They’ll be having some weapons, shield on them so you had better be careful, and fight them skillfully. Once the Bandits have been defeated, rescue Rissa. Interact with her and she’ll leave for Berg.

You’ve to go back there on your own and interact with her once again and with this, your quest comes to an end and you’ll be receiving your “Damage Control” Achievement/Trophy along with your rewards.