Outward Legacy Chest Locations Guide

With a keen emphasis on the many classes and characters that you’ll be experiencing the game through, it’s often harsh to start anew. Thankfully, with the inclusion of a feature known as Legacy Chests, you can salvage some of the items for use later in Outward. Let’s more about these Legacy Chests in Outward and where to find them.

Outward Legacy Chest Locations

Legacy Chests are special boxes in which you can place an item of your desire so that when you play as a different character, you can head to the same exact spot of this chest and retrieve the contents from inside.

This allows you to carry on at least some degree of your progress to a different playthrough of the game. There are four such Legacy Chests in the game and can be found at the following locations:

1. Enmerkar Forest

After completing the puzzle in the region, you’ll be treated to a mini-boss fight. Upon defeating it, you’ll gain access to Vigil Pylon where you’ll find the chest.

2. Abrassar

In the desert region of The Slide, look for a large gate that requires you to interact with a level to move through. You’ll find the chest just past this gate.

3. Hallowed Marsh

After battling the lich mobs, interact with the levers to gain access to the Spire of Light where you’ll find the Legacy Chest.

4. Cierzo

After saving the town, you’ll be able to acquire a key from Rissa Aberdeen once you’ve joined the Blue Collective. Now you can head inside the Cierzo Storage room using the key to locate the Legacy Chest.

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