Outward Factions Locations and Rewards List Guide

All Factions in Outward have a different experience and storyline associated with them. There’re four different Outward Factions and the features of all those will be differing from each other in all the adventures and rewards.

Our Factions Guide will make it easier for you to choose which factions appeases you the most.

Outward Factions

The four factions in Outward include:

  • The Soroboreans
  • The Holy Mission of Elatt
  • The Blue Chamber Collective
  • The Heroic Kingdom of Levant

The Blue Chamber Collective

The Blue Chamber Collective is found in Berg in Enmerkar, southeast of Chersonese.

This faction is very large with smaller clans in it. The group is very sentimental like one for all and all for one.

Blood ties are extremely important for the faction so whatever you do has to be okay for everyone, as you’ve to think of everyone, help everyone, and defend everyone at all times.

Citizens are looked by there the whole bloodline and not as an individual; hence, whenever someone makes a mistake the whole bloodline pays its price.


  • Lantern of Souls
  • A key to open the cellar in the Town Hall in Cierzo
  • Crimson Plate Armor giving you Fire/Lightning Resistance
  • A Peacekeeper Elixir for a Permanent Passive that is +20 HP, +20 Stamina, +20 Mana

Holy Mission of Elatt

Holy Mission of Elatt is found in Monsoon at Hallowed Marsh. Exit Chersonese and go east on the Pilgrim Road.

This is more of a spiritual faction with a firm belief in God. The faction has strict rules and discipline at all times. This group also cares for the family but for the faction everyone is equal and all should be treated with equality.

No one is supposed to suffer and leave by themselves. You’re supposed to care for everyone and help everyone so, in turn, they can turn into good people who help themselves and more people to get away from evil.


  • +2 Shield
  • Holy Infusion Light Spell
  • Decay Resistance
  • Ethereal Damage
  • Light Damage
  • Decay Damage
  • 10% Stamina
  • 10% Mana Efficiency Boost
  • Peacekeeper Elixir +20 HP, +20 Stamina, +20 Mana
  • Crimson Plate Armor giving you Fire/Lightning Resistance

Heroic Kingdom of Levant

The Levant in the Abrassar Desert. Exit from Chersonese and travel on the east side of Enmerkar Forest. Make your way south through the Abrassar Desert.

This faction is the most progressive faction that focuses on individualism and freedom of everyone. You help everyone here and you have a high success rate as you get equal chances as everyone else.

The faction has people to protect their faction from captors and animals. They want to help everyone else in progressing as well and want to make the world a better and developed place to live in.


  • Peacekeeper Elixir, +20 HP, +20 Stamina, +20 Mana
  • Camouflage Tent


The main focus of this faction is knowledge. They’re very keen on progression by education and has a very powerful academic knowledge in the whole land. If growth through knowledge is what attracts you then this is your kind of faction.