Outward Diseases Guide – How to Cure, Getting Clean Water & Food

In Outward, your stats determine your strength and how well you’re able to cope up in the harsh world. It’s for this purpose that you should avoid any chances of contracting a disease which acts as a debuff to your stats. In our Outward Guide below, we’ll discuss keeping your consumables hygienic, resting and, in turn, curing diseases in the game.

Outward Diseases Guide

A disease is a special condition or status effect in Outward that’ll make your character weaker due to debuffs to stats as well as affecting vital components like HP regeneration rate.

Although the latter can be improved by sleeping to get the lost HP back, the effects would still not wear off. Your stats will continue to have that debuff on them and while some diseases wear off naturally, others will need specific cures.

Diseases in Outward can be contracted in various ways through the environment. Some of these are more obvious like consuming raw food or drinking impure water while others can be a bit unexpected.

For example, you can catch a cold if you wander around in cold harsh weather for too long or are poisoned by specific species of animals when they bite or slash away at you.

Catching a cold will reduce stamina regeneration by 15% so cure it as soon as possible with the help of Soothing Tea.

Infections caused as a result of coming in contact with toxic substances or poisonous animals will have two negative effects on your character.

Firstly, you’ll continue to lose 3% of your HP per minute. Secondly, any food eaten will restore 15% less hunger than it’s expected to. The cure is to consume the Bitter Spicy Tea item.

How to Get Clean Water & Food

There are various sources of hygienic food and drinks around the world in Outward. For instance, your first unlimited supply of clean water will flow at the Water-Filtering Device near the beach in the region of Cierzo.

You can also acquire a Waterskin Bag from here which ensures that the water you store in here is kept at bay from germs. The special bag can also be bought from merchants in different towns.

For food, you should always cook the eatable to get rid of its raw properties. This will avert the chances of any indigestion problems that will cause you to vomit up any food, thereby, reducing their beneficial effects.

If the issue isn’t dealt with, it’ll evolve into “Acute Indigestion” which will completely nullify the food’s positive effects. The cure is pure and simple – acquire and consume Mineral Tea.

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