Outriders Worldslayer PAX Trees System Guide

Outriders has received some new progression systems with its new Worldslayer expansion, one of which is the PAX Trees system...

Outriders has received some new progression systems with its new Worldslayer expansion, one of which is the PAX Trees system that ensures you are able to survive the new endgame content.

The following guide will explain what PAX Trees are and what they offer in Outriders Worldslayer.

What Are PAX Trees In Outriders Worldslayer

PAX Trees are a new progression and leveling system introduced in the Worldslayer expansion. They add two new subclasses for each class currently present in the game.

Each of the new subclasses has its own PAX Tree (skill tree) that allows further customizations based on player needs and requirements.

What Are The New PAX Subclass Trees

Class Name Pax Tree Subclasses
Technomancer Desolator, Overseer
Pyromancer Gunblazer, Pyromaniac
Devastator Wrecker, Tectonic Shifter
Trickster Specter, Exploiter

How To Unlock PAX Trees

All you need to do to unlock the PAX Trees is to reach level 30 by playing through the new Outriders Worldslayer campaign.

When you hit level 30, head to the Class tab in the game menu to choose your preferred subclass from the new PAX system.

However, to upgrade the PAX Tree, you will need to gain PAX Points which can then be spent to level up through the skill tree.

How To Unlock PAX Points

PAX Points are unlocked by completing Challenges and Events which are part of the new Outriders Worldslayer campaign.

It is important to know beforehand that there are only five PAX Points available in the game, meaning that you will only have enough PAX Points to completely max out one path of your PAX Tree. You can always spread out your PAX Points across all three paths, but this is not recommended.

The following Challenges and Events will earn you five PAX Points in total:

  • Defeat the Fisherman in “Trepidation”
  • Complete Wrath
  • Complete Pilgrimage
  • Complete Shards
  • Complete “The Trial of Tarya Gratar”

How To Respec PAX Points

Yes, you can respec your PAX Points in Outriders Worldslayer at any time to reset your PAX Tree.

Head to the Class menu and open the PAX Tree menu. Choose the skill you want to reset and you will have the option to reset the skill.

Resetting will give you back the PAX point you invested and you will be free to invest it into another skill of your choice instantly without any limitations or cost.

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