Outriders Worldslayer Ascension System Guide

The Ascension system is yet another new leveling system that has been introduced in Outriders with the new Worldslayer expansion....

The Ascension system is yet another new leveling system that has been introduced in Outriders with the new Worldslayer expansion.

It works in tandem with the new PAX Tree system to allow players to further customize their characters and builds to endure the new endgame content.

The following guide will explain what the new Ascension system is and all of its new Ascension Passives in Outriders Worldslayer.

What Is Ascension Leveling System

The Ascension system is a new endgame leveling system that becomes available after you reach level 30 in the new Outriders Worldslayer expansion.

Any XP that you gain after hitting level 30 goes into leveling up your Ascension Rank. You gain an Ascension Point every time you level up which can then be invested into the following four attributes:

  • Brutality
  • Endurance
  • Prowess
  • Anomaly

Each of these attributes has five different Ascension Passives that can be leveled up a maximum of 10 times. Hence, in order to max out all four attributes, you will require a total of 200 Ascension Points.

How To Earn Ascension Points

Ascension Points can be earned by completing different Challenges, Quests, and Activities after reaching level 30. Defeating enemies also grants you XP which will level up your Ascension Rank.

The Ascension system works just like the Paragon system of the recent Diablo games. You just have to invest your time into the new endgame activities so as to earn the maximum amount of XP possible.

However, as your Ascension Rank increases, the required XP to reach the next Rank also increases. The last remaining Ascension Points will require you to be prepared for a long and frustrating grind.

How To Respec Ascension Points

Similar to the PAX Tree system, you can respec and reset your Ascension Points on the fly.

To respec your Ascension Points, head to the Class menu and open the Ascension system menu. Choose the skill you want to reset and you will have the option to reset the skill.

Respecing will give you back the Ascension Point you invested and you will then be free to invest it into another skill of your choice instantly.

All Ascension Passives

All of the Ascension Passives give small bonuses in the first few levels, which get scaled really highly in the last few levels. Also, many of the Ascension Passives use the same scaling system, so you won’t lose out on the bonuses you gain no matter which Passive skill you invest in.

Below we have listed all the bonuses the different Ascension Passives provide.

Anomaly Passives

Anomaly Power: +0.5% increase in Anomaly Power. Max gain is 10%.
Resistance Pierce: +0.5% increase in Resistance Piercing. Max gain is 10%.
Skill Leech: +0.5% Skill Leech. Max gain is 10%.
Status Power: +0.5% Status Power. Max gain is 10%.
Anomaly Damage: +0.5% Status Power. Max gain is 10%.

Endurance Passives

Health: +0.5% increase in Max Health. Max gain is 10%.
Armor: +0.5% increase in Armor. Max gain is 10%.
Healing Received: +0.1% increase in Healing Received. Max gain is 5.5%.
Elite Damage Mitigation: +0.5% increase in Elite Damage Mitigation. Max gain is 5.5%.
Resistance: +0.5% increase in Resistance. Max gain is 10%.

Prowess Passives

Armor Pierce: +0.5% increase in Armor Pierce. Max gain is 10%.
Close Range Damage: +0.5% increase in Close Range Damage. Max gain is 10%.
Long Range Damage: +0.5% increase in Long Range Damage. Max gain is 10%.
Weapon Damage: +0.5% increase in Weapon Damage. Max gain is 10%.
Weapon Leech: +0.1% increase in Weapon Leech. Max gain is 5.5%.

Berserk Passives

Cooldown Reduction: +0.1% increase in Cooldown Reduction. Max gain is 5.5%.
Critical Chance: +0.1% increase in Critical Chance. Max gain is 5.5%.
Critical Damage: +0.5% increase in Critical Damage. Max gain is 10%.
Damage Against Elites: +0.1% increase in Elite Bonus Damage. Max gain is 5.5%.
Magazine Size: +1% increase in Magazine Size. Max gain is 25%.

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