Outriders Secret Forgotten Chapel Guide

In this Outriders Secret Forgotten Chapel Quest guide, we’ll explain how to unlock this secret quest and how to complete...

In this Outriders Secret Forgotten Chapel Quest guide, we’ll explain how to unlock this secret quest and how to complete it in Outriders.

Outriders Secret Forgotten Chapel Quest

Forgotten Chapel is a secret quest in Outriders that you’ll come across towards the end of the game. Unlike all other quests that you’ll take on in the game, you won’t stumble upon this one, given its secrecy.

This secret quest will have to be unlocked beforehand by interacting with the pillars. Unlocking this secret quest will send you on another hunt for pillars spread across the Canyon of the Grand Obelisk.

There are three main pillars that you’ll have to interact with and push them into the ground before this quest is activated, completing which will reward you with a guaranteed legendary item.

Below we’ve given the location of all the pillars you’re required to interact with.

Location 1
The first pillar will be found near the location shown on the map. You’ll find it on a stone platform with a fire burning near it. Simply turn left as you start off from your camp and you will see this pillar.

Location 2
For the second pillar, head back from where you’ve just come and continue down the path on the left. Keep an eye out for stairs on your right. Turn around and go up the steps.

Head straight and then head inside the huge stone structure on your left. Right in the middle of the building, you’ll find the second pillar. It will be facing a huge statue with some fires around it like an altar.

Location 3
Now proceed through the area on your main quest like normal until you reach the end of your quest and enter the actual Grand Obelisk with a huge gravity well in the middle. Go around the well to reach the back of the Obelisk where you will find the final pillar.

Once all three pillars have been activated, run back or fast travel to the APC fast travel point and from there make your way towards your camp.

If you activated the first two pillars from the moment you got here, you will remember seeing a big door on your way with 2 runes lit on it. Just go to that door near the APC fast travel point this time you will see all 3 runes lit up.

Interact with the pillar and the door will open. Head through the door and continue straight until you come across a chest. Open the chest to complete the Secret Chapel and claim your free legendary loot.

The Forgotten Chapel secret quest can only be completed in a single go. If you interact with a few pillars and then leave the canyons, you’ll have to begin from ground zero after you return to the canyons again.

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