Outriders Rift Town Chest Locations Guide

Outriders provides the player with a number of unique ways to boost their character’s skill-set. In this Outriders Rift Town Chest Locations guide, we’ll be showing you the location of all chests found at Rift Town in the game.

Outriders Rift Town Chest Locations

Rift Town is the first area of the game once players complete the prologue and serves as the intro to story and a hub for vendors and more quests. Quests and other exploration areas in Rift Town contain chests for players to find and loot.

Hounds’ Warehouse 1/3 (Reunion Main Quest)
Head to Hounds’ Warehouse and open the gate as you ‘Descend into the Hounds’ warehouse to save Jakub.’ Go left immediately as you go down the small set of stairs to find the first chest.

Hounds’ Warehouse 2/3 (Reunion Main Quest)
You’ll find another chest near the place where you opened the gate using the valve.

Hounds’ Warehouse 3/3 (Reunion Main Quest)
The third chest is through the second door to your right from the valve in the same area.

Ruined Outpost 1/2
Go to the Ruined Outpost, and on the left side of the area, as you face the ‘Open the Door’ objective, you can find the first chest in this area.

Ruined Outpost 2/2
The second chest is located past the door as you ‘Carve a path to the Solar Tower.’

Solar Panels 1/3
In the Solar Panels area, head down opposite from the objective past all the corpses and turn to the first right to find a chest at the very end.

Solar Panels 2/3
Go back up where you came from and head left from the objective to find the second chest.

Solar Panels 3/3
The final chest in this area can be found past the objective door on the right as you go to ‘Confront the Altered at the Tower.’

Solar Tower Platform 1/1
Go opposite from the objective ‘Attend the debrief with the Jakub and Shira at her command room,’ into the dark room with a lot of roots.

Hounds’ Base 1/3 (A Bad Day Side Quest)
Keep heading towards the objective to “Open the Gate” in the area and turn right to the shack to find the first chest.

Hounds’ Base 2/3 (A Bad Day Side Quest)
Go ahead and open the door and proceed to the right and follow the path left, up the first flight of stairs, and turn left instead of going all the way up to find the chest.

Hounds’ Base 3/3 (A Bad Day Side Quest)
Continue going up the stairs now, towards the objective to find a chest right in front of you.

Bunker Hill 1/2 (Payback Side Quest)
During the ‘Payback’ side-quest in Bunker Hill, you can find the chest in a secluded dark room opposite to the ‘Open the Gate’ objective’s blue icon.

Bunker Hill 2/2 (Payback Side Quest)
Continue past the door and head straight to find another chest.

Shattered Front 1/2 (Terra Infirma Side Quest)
During the ‘Terra Infirma’ side-quest, as you head to the objective to ‘Search the area for Lieutenant McCain,’ make sure to turn around before you clear the branches to find the first chest.

Shattered Front 2/2 (Terra Infirma Side Quest)
Keep moving to the objective and you’ll see the chest in your path.

River Basin 1/2 (Everlasting Side Quest)
When you’ve made it to River Basin, go through the left side and take another left when you see the blue gear icon to find the chest in a dark area.

River Basin 2/2 (Everlasting Side Quest)
Go to the blue gear icon now and clear the debris. You’ll find a bunch of enemies hear, clear them out and go right to find a chest on the left, up the stairs.

That covers the locations of all the chests that you can find in Rift Town of Outriders.

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