Outriders Has Multiplayer-Tailored Endgame Content, “More Challenging” For Solo Players

The soon-to-release Outriders will have an endgame to experience but which might be a bit too much to handle for solo players.

Speaking with MP1st in a recent interview, creative director Bartek Kmita and lead designer Piotr Nowakowski stated that the endgame content of Outriders “is aimed more towards the multiplayer.” The endgame can still be beat in single-player for those interested but doing so “will be a little bit more challenging” as it will “take more time to gather all the things and be more perfect.”

Outriders supports cross-play multiplayer. Hence, players have the option to either run solo through the entire story-driven campaign or with up to three other players in cooperative multiplayer, or a mix of both. According to developer People Can Fly though, opting for multiplayer especially for the endgame content “will add additional layers” to the whole experience.

“Sometimes you are in the mood, ‘yeah I’ll just play alone’ but then you play with your friends, you don’t have to switch games, its the same one, you can play with a different approach, different possibility, the difficult adjust,” noted the developer. “So from that point of view it’s a competent experience and that was one of our goals and I really feel we succeeded.”

The availability of endgame content is always an important question raised by players for multiplayer-featuring games. Outriders has aimed to be a create-your-own-shooter experience from the start. That is why People Can Fly has been open about not forcing players to resort to multiplayer after finishing up the main storyline. The developer seems to have found a good balance by allowing players to not depend on any additional reinforcements provided that they invest enough time into the game to prepare for whatever awaits them in the end.

Outriders will be releasing soon after being delayed twice. The cooperative third-person shooter was initially slated for a release in 2020 but had to be pushed back due to the pandemic. The game was then slated for release in the 2020 holiday season before being pushed back again to early 2021.

Outriders will not be seeing any further delays. The game will be officially releasing on both previous- and current-generation consoles, PC, and Google Stadia on April 1, 2021.

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