Outriders Molten Acari Boss Guide

Molten Acari is a spider-like beast in Outriders that resides on top of the molten volcano. You will need a special strategy to defeat this one as it is quite different from the usual soldiers you have faced. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how to take down the Molten Acari in Outriders.

Outriders Molten Acari Boss

As you start the fight, we recommend you first check your equipment and make sure to get an AR or LMG in your arsenal as you will be fighting the boss from a distance. In terms of skills, arm yourself with shield and health regen abilities along with extra ammo and extra damage.

The boss fight is divided into three phases, and we will go through them phase by phase.

Phase 1

Enter the battle arena and you will see the Molten Acari health bar, which is divided into three parts as well.

The spider will attack you by throwing lava or jumping onto you, but the main thing to focus on here is the blue light ring around Acari. This is the range or the area where the attack from Acari will take effect, and if you are outside of the blue-lit area, you will be able to avoid damage altogether.

You can shoot Acari right on the face whenever you want to, but that is not recommended as it will do very little damage and you will run out of ammo really quick. We will recommend you keep an eye on the molten lava patches on Acari’s body after it attacks you with lava.

When you see the lava patch, shoot it to expose the vulnerable part of Acari’s skin. Keep shooting as Acari will now become more aggressive and will shoot more and more lava. If you focus on shooting those exposed parts, the first part of the fight will be over soon.

Molten Acari Phase 2

Now when 1/3rd of Acari’s health is gone, the second phase of the fight will start. Acari will go back into the molten lava of the volcano and its minion spiders will come out to attack you. These small spiders are easy to kill; just shoot them and then Acari will come back outside after a while.

Now you will have to repeat what you did in the first phase, but this time you will also have to deal with the nonstop minion spiders as well.

Make sure to not let them get closer to you as they explode when they die. Shoot the molten part of Acari’s body and then make sure to focus your fires on the exposed part of Acari’s body.

Acari will also throw magma from its back onto you, which you can dodge by rolling sideways. It can be a little hard but keep an eye for that attack; Your shield and barrier skills will come in handy here. Everything else is the same in this phase.

Phase 3

Now Acari will come on to you in its true form and will get much closer to you. You will face a new attack where Acari will throw magma walls at you in circular form, and you will have to avoid them by running and dodging in circles.

You will see lava filled patches on the body of Acari. Once you have mastered the dodging from Acari’s attack, just focus your shooting on those lava patches, and you will be done in no time.

When Acari is down, just collect your loot and regain your health and this is it for the Molten Acari boss fight in Outriders.