Outriders Moloch Boss Guide

This Outriders Moloch Boss guide covers the entire boss fight against Moloch and gives tips on how to counter his attacks and what weapons to use in order to defeat him in Outriders.

Outriders Moloch Boss

Moloch is the third boss you’ll fight in the Outriders during the Onslaught mission. His abilities and move sets are quite simple as compared to the other bosses you’ll come across in the game. Let’s take a look at his attacks and how to bring him down.

Moloch’s attacks

Moloch possesses Two main moves in his arsenal. The first attack is his fire attack, where he basically uses his hands to charge up a fireball and shoots it directly at you.

You can dodge this attack by simply rolling to the opposite side of the fire attack. Do this every time he performs a fire attack.

The second attack is a fire Tornado. This is really dangerous as it can kill your health if you get caught in it. Prevent getting caught in it by moving across the area where the Tornados can’t reach you.


The fight begins after a dramatic cutscene where Moloch reveals his presence by burning your allies alive. As you start the fight, you’ll notice Moloch has three parts of health that are really hard to lower. The fight itself is quite easy as it requires fewer moves and focuses on more technique.

The best technique or strategy is to use an Assault Rifle and Sniper to cut the boss’s health. Simply Target the head of both Moloch and the body that he carries on his back, from a long range; at least 20 steps away from him.

Also, make sure to watch out for his teleportation. When in a weak spot, Moloch can teleport directly next to you to perform a fire attack. It can end the fight if you don’t move aside.  Just follow these tips and you’ll defeat Moloch in no time.

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