Outriders First City Iron Ore Locations Guide

In this Outriders First City Iron Ore Locations guide, we will tell you about the locations of all 13 iron nodes in the First City of Outriders so that you can find them easily.

Outriders First City Iron Ore Locations

Iron Ore is one of the essential requirements if you wanna dive into the crafting aspect of the game and it can only be acquired from iron nodes or by dismantling weapons.

Below we have compiled all the iron nodes in the First City zone of Outriders to help you out with acquiring this resource.

1st Iron Ore
You will find this iron ore in the camp. Just start to move forward along the way which is going down. Just at the turn, when the way again starts to go upwards, there is a rock on the right side. You will find the first iron ore right there, clearly visible. Just harvest it.

2nd Iron Ore
Now from the location of the first iron ore, move up and enter the area on the right. Move forward, going through the water puddle, enter the white building without doors.

From there, exit through the left and follow the grassy path down. Here you will find the iron ore stuck to the rocks on the right side under the bridge.

3rd Iron Ore
Move back from the 2nd iron ore location. Go through the same white building again, but this time exit from the door that is directly in front of you as you enter. After that, immediately turn left and go through the bridge.

Moving forward, you will see a way inside a dilapidated building with stairs going up. Go up, then take a right and you will find the 3rd iron ore right in front.

4th Iron Ore
For this, you have to go to the footbridge given on the map. Just get there and then move forward. Get down and you will find the 4th iron ore stuck to rocks right next to a white building, next to some fencing. Iron Ore will shine, so you can find it easily.

5th Iron Ore
For this, you have to go to the Old Man’s Hut. Just turn back and find this iron ore behind the two bunkers-type structures placed on one another. Go there, and you can harvest the ore from there.

6th Iron Ore
For this, you have to go to Hangman’s City. Once you have reached Hangman’s city, just go on the left side of the tree and you will find the iron ore right in front stuck to the rocks with some greenery.

7th Iron Ore
You will find the 7th one in the main street. In the main street, turn back and go to the dead-end behind. Here on the left side rock, you will find the required iron ore. These ores are not difficult to find since they are clearly visible and even shine in the dark.

8th Iron Ore
The 8th one is also in the main street. You will find this right next to the iron stairs going up on the right side of the main street.

9th Iron Ore
The 9th one is also in the main street, just in the opposite direction of where you find the 8th iron ore. You will always find these on rocks, so don’t look for them on buildings.

10th Iron Ore
You will find this iron ore in Boglands. For this, enter the water, and on the other side of the rock in the center of the water, you will find this iron ore.

11th Iron Ore
This is also present in the Boglands inside the cave with red iron bars. Enter the cave, and in the first curve on the right side, you will find this ore.

12th Iron Ore
Now move forward from the location of 11th iron ore and you will reach the area filled with water. Here on the left side, you can see the iron ore shining white in the dark.

13th Iron Ore
The last iron ore is also right there. You just have to turn right from the 12th ore and this one is even brighter right in front of you.

After harvesting the 13th ore, you have all of the iron ores in the First City of Outriders.

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