Outriders Inventory Wipe Bug, Server Connection Errors, Crashes and Fixes

In this Outriders Errors and Fixes guide, we’ll talk about all the errors in the newly released Outriders that are being faced by the players and their possible fixes.

Outriders Inventory Wipe Bug, Server Connection Issue and Fixes

The developers for Outriders have gotten very busy right after the release of the online-only game, given the numerous errors that the game comes with pre-loaded.

Here we have listed some of the errors and explained how to fix them.

Inventory Wipe Bug

While the developers have been working hard to fix the inventory wipe bug that has been happening to a lot of people, especially during late game quests, the issue still persists over a week after release. Developers People Can Fly implemented some backend fixes to ensure the Outriders inventory wipe bug doesn’t happen again but they are also warning that the issue isn’t fully fixed.

For those who might still get the inventory wipe issue in Outriders, there is a potential workaround that might help. According to the developers, immediately force closing the game when you notice your items have disappeared from inventory can help with the problem before the server syncs.

This way, even if your items disappeared, there is a possibility that if you immediately closed the game, the inventory items will be available once you launch Outriders again.


The developers have also confirmed that they will try to restore certain gear to people who were affected by the inventory wipe bug in Outriders.

Server Connection Issue

If you’re unable to connect to the game or the game is taking ages to sign you in, then you’re not alone. This is one of the most common bugs in Outriders.

However, the real frustration begins when you’re finally able to log in and join a match, and then the game kicks you out because of some connection issues.

All of these problems are taking place owing to faulty Outriders’ servers and are persistent across all platforms. Our best guess is that these errors pop up when the servers are overloaded.

Since the majority of these issues are server-based, there are hardly any tweaks that you can do to your system to make the game run better.

There are, however, a few fixes that can possibly fix these issues, but it is not guaranteed. First of all, always run the game directly from the Steam client.

When you’re unable to connect to the servers, try restarting the game and then try restarting your PC.

If the game still doesn’t work, try restarting the router.

Now that we’re done restarting every possible device, we can try updating your network adapter driver.

Lastly, authenticate the integrity of the game files from Steam. Luckily, Square is aware of these server problems, and they’ll hopefully be sorting them out soon.

Till then, keep an eye on Outriders’ Twitter profile to stay up to do date on when the servers are down and adjust your play hours accordingly.

Pre-Install Error/ CE-107880-4

This issue is being faced by PS5 users, who are complaining that they are unable to see what version of the game is being installed while downloading the game. And after they try canceling the download to download it again, the download won’t start.

Again, there is not potential fix for this issue, but downloading the game directly from the PS5 store can improve your chances of downloading the game in the first go, instead of downloading it from the game’s official website.

If the game still doesn’t download, then you can either download the PS4 version or continue playing the demo version and then shift your progress to the full game once the bug has been resolved.

If you’re still determined on playing the PS5 version of the game, then keep restarting the download. Hopefully, you’ll succeed someday.

Cross-Play Error

Unfortunately, console and PC players cannot play together as of now because of an error that kicks one of the two players out of the game.

You can still play with your PC buddies, but if you try adding a console player to the game, things might not go as planned.

There is no fix for this issue yet, but the developers are working on sorting this issue out.

Crash While Receiving Quest Reward

I can’t even imagine the number of controllers being smashed over this bug. This issue is persistent across all platforms. You’ll get to face this issue when you’re collecting the rewards for the “A Bad Day” side quest. The culprit behind this is Hell’s Rangers equipment in your inventory.

Therefore, move this equipment to the stash while receiving the rewards and you can move it back to the inventory later on.

Reduced Hell’s Rangers Gear Stats

This bug is persistent across all platforms and is experienced when you upgrade the weapon, only to see its stats going down. However, this only happens with the first level-up. If you Level it up more than once, the stats will start rising as expected.


This bug is known to exist on all platforms, and it seems to remove all UI/HUD displays of the game, even if the setting is turned on. To fix this issue, leave the game and start the game again from the lobby. However, if you leave the lobby and exit the game and restart it, the issue will pop up again.

If the issue persists, try enabling Ansel if it is disabled by any chance.

Inaccessible Key Items Bug

This bug is also known to exist on all platforms, and what it does is make the key items fall through the map, making them inaccessible. To get around this bug, turn on your auto-loot and set it to common. Then press H or the down key on the controller to activate auto-loot.

Locked Stash Tab Bug

This becomes a problem while accessing Hell Rangers. To fix this bug leave the game, and join the game again from the lobby, and immediately check your stash.

Stuttering, Frame Rate, Hard Crash Issues

These issues are being faced by the PC users only, apparently owing to some error in the DX12 implementation of the game. Luckily the issue only pops up when you visit a new region on the map, after which the gameplay smoothens out.

The best fix for this problem is launching the game using DirectX11. Secondly, you can run the game using DX11 manually through a command line.

To access the command line, open the properties of the game through the steam client, and then head over to the launch options. Then write the following command: -force -dx11.

If the issues persist, then upgrade your Nvidia drivers. Also, keep Ansel, DLSS, and Vsync off. Run the game in the Windowed mode and try playing around with the FPS limiter.

Lastly, remove the Outriders folder from Windows Defender. Exclusions will be found in the settings of Virus and Threat Protection.

Add Outriders as an exclusion. You’ll find the folder in the steamapps folder.

Blurry Visuals

This issue is faced by PC users and they can fix it by disabling their FPS limiter.

Right Stick Sensitivity issue in controllers

This issue pops up while connecting a controller to the PC. To overcome this issue, you’ll have to launch Steam in Big Picture. Next, head to the settings and make sure that the controller you’re trying to play with is enabled. With that being down, head to the game and select the manage menu.

Open the controller configurations and select Template under browse configs. Finally, select gamepad and hopefully this will fix the issue.

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