Outriders Eagle Peaks Chest Locations Guide

Eagle Peaks in Outriders consists of a total number of 14 chest locations. Chests in Outriders can drop some legendary gear that you may want to keep an eye out for. This guide will tell you the locations of all of the loot chests in the Eagle Peaks of Outriders.

Outriders Eagle Peaks Loot Chest Locations

Let’s go through all these 14 locations in Eagle Peaks one by one.

Mountain Ropebridge
Start with Mountain Ropebridge location on the map, towards the right near the snowy, rocky mountains; you will find a creature’s skeletal remains. Nearby these remains, you’ll find the first loot chest. You can pick up the item by pressing square.

Lava Pits
Head straight towards the North-East direction from where you are standing. Behind two sturdy rocks, you will find the second chest glowing in blue light. You will obtain 147 Scrap.

Outpost Bunkers
Head towards your left towards the northwest direction, you’ll find a staircase. This staircase will lead you to a higher platform where you will find the chest. You will obtain 150 scraps from this chest.

Snowy Plateau
Now head towards the south and head inside the pathway with spikes all around. This pathway will lead you to the fourth chest. You will obtain 150 Scraps from the chest in this location. In the same area, you must head towards the north direction and locate the path that leads you up to the fifth chest location.


Bunker Park
Head towards the left to find the next chest in this location. Head inside the room with dim orange lights, and you will locate a chest along with some junk in this area.

If you head straight and go down the snowy path in the bunker park, it will lead you to a hidden chest in the lower platform. This will be the second chest in this location. Thirdly, head towards the steep path towards the starting location’s right, and you shall find another chest.

In the Bunker Path’s fourth location, you will need to head forward and climb up to the path where a tent lit with lamps is located. Nearby you will find a chest. Now move to the northeast direction to find another chest and climb down the steep path towards the right to see the last chest in this area.

Radio Tower Antenna
Turn to your south and climb up the stairs that will lead you to a chest. Now head out and go inside the darkroom located in front of you. You will find a narrow path in this darkened room that will mark your last chest location in Eagle Peaks.