Outriders Eagle Peaks Journal Locations Guide

Outriders isn’t all about killing enemies and picking up loot. You can actually find some very useful collectibles called journals to learn about the game world. In this Outriders Eagle Peaks Journal Locations guide, we’ll tell you the locations of the journals in snowy area in Outriders.

Outriders Eagle Peaks Journal Locations

In Eagle Peaks, you can find 10 journals; Let’s look at the location of each one below:

Flores Engine report
The first one is found in Inferno quest while you are in the Camp. You need to go behind from the spawn location, past the trucks and tents, and find the Journal on the two boxes.

The Second Anomaly Storm
In Frequency, Volcano Vent, go left and then up the stairs on the right to see a dead body. Interact with it and you get the Journal entry.

A Foreign Agent
The next Journal is in Snowy Plateau. From the spawn location, go right behind you and you will see only one path. At the end, inspect the dead body for the Journal Entry.

Locked In
The next Journal is in Bunker Peak. From the spawn location, you need to go the path behind you. Through the door and on your right, you’ll see a table. You will find the Journal entry here.

Jocelyn Dunham Journal
The next Journal is in the Radio Tower Antenna area. From the spawn location, turn back to see wooden stairs. Go up the stairs and then right at the end of the hall to find a box on the right corner.

Tracing the Signal
Another journal can be found in Radio Tower Antenna. Enter the Antenna Tower and go straight, then right to find a box. The box has the Journal entry.

Alchemist Log
The next Journal is in the Underground lab. All you need to do is get inside the water from the spawn location and go into the section on your left side. Once inside, turn right and find the Journal here.

Journal #8
You can find another one in the same Underground lab. The area which has no water and a lot of lit up towers. The vertical tanker is where the Journal is. Go straight and turn right, then go up the 4 steps to find the Journal.

Journal #9
Another Journal can be found in Underground Lab, but this time, the section with a bridge and leads into the straight hallway has it. Follow it, and you will find it on the ground on your left.

Journal #10
In the Underground Lab, the area where wirings below you are visible, you can go straight to was the glowing area and turn right to see some arcade machines. Right on the ground, you can find the last Journal.

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