Outriders Deadrock Pass Iron Ore Locations Guide

Playing through Outriders, you’ve probably come to the realization that you really need to make use of crafting materials to get access to the big boy stuff. In this Outriders Deadrock Pass Iron Ore Locations guide, we’ll be walking you through all of the iron Nodes you can find in the Deadrock Pass to harvest that Iron!

Outriders Deadrock Pass Iron Ore Locations

Deadrock Pass has a total of 9 Iron Ore Nodes for the player to discover. Collect them all, to be able to combine them with other exciting materials and make something exceptional to make wiping out your enemies an even more satisfying experience!

Iron Ore #1 (Forestry Track)
Go to Forestry Track, and you can find the Iron Node alongside a giant boulder to the left side of the abandoned bulldozer.

Iron Ore #2 (Bandit Camp)
The second Node can be found in the Bandit Camp during the Vision Side-Quest. It’s right next to the camp.

Iron Ore #3 (Bandit Camp)
The third Node in the Bandit Camp can be found in the opposite direction from the first Node. Take a turn to the right, past the wooden stairs. You’ll see the Iron right next to the chest.

Iron Ore #4 (Log Storage)
The fourth Iron Node is found in the South-Western corner of the map in Log Storage.

Iron Ore #5 (Log Storage)
You can find the fifth Node in Log Storage as well, past the heavy machinery (Red crane), next to the dead body.

Iron Ore #6
Lumber Mill’s Iron Node can be found during the ‘A Free Market Quest.’ Keep an eye out on the right as you descend the cliff to see a Node attached to the cliff’s wall.

Iron Ore #7
Continue going down further to find yet another Iron Node close-by to the right.

Iron Ore #8
You can find two more Iron Nodes in Mountain Tunnel. The first one is in between Lumber Station and Mountain Road (The junction) right next to the wanted sign.

Iron Ore #9
Head further through the previous Iron Node, into the opening to find the second Node in Mountain Tunnel.

Iron Ore #10
You can find two of the last Iron Nodes in Lumber Station. Follow the marker to ‘Speak with Jakub to leave for the Wreckage Zone,’ and turn left when you get close to the marker to find the Iron node next to the planks.

Iron Ore #11

Open the gate to proceed further through the Lumber Station during the quest, to find yet another Iron Node next to the military vehicle on the right.

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