Outriders Cross-Play Coming To Stadia Within The Next Few Days

If you want to play People Can FLy’s newest release Outriders on Stadia, but are wanting to play it with friends that use other consoles, don’t worry. Even if you can’t do it now, People Can Fly has said that Outriders cross-play will be coming to Stadia in the next few days.

The source of this information is directly from People Can Fly’s support division, when a Redditor named gokujee emailed them in order to express their disappointment at a lack of Stadia cosplay. People Can Fly responded that the patch in question should be coming soon, and should fix the current crossplay issues.

Another Outriders patch came out for the game last week, doing such things as fixing issues with matchmaking, making party joining easier, and several graphical adjustments. However, if this new patch is for every platform, not just Stadia, then Outriders cross-play will likely be coming to every version of Outriders soon, too.

Cross-play has become a much more prevalent issue in game development as last generation wore on, as it would allow gamers on different consoles to play together instead of being separate. Normally cross-play is implemented after the game is released, so the patch to implement it into Outriders coming later isn’t out of the ordinary.

Outriders has done fairly well upon its release, as though it earned average reviews it has still sold well, likely riding the high of being a looter-shooter game that unlike many others of its kind is not a service game and is also strictly linear.

Of course, games like this are always better with friends, and whether you’re on Stadia or not, if Outriders cross-play really is coming soon, you should soon be able to get with some of your friends on other consoles and all play the game together. You can currently play Outriders on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X, Playstation 5, PC, and Google Stadia.