Outriders’ Crash Files Apparently Take A Lot Of Storage Space

Outriders has been facing a few rather severe technical issues since its release but surprisingly, one of those said issues has been busy birthing a new headache for developer People Can Fly to address.

Outriders tends to crash a lot on PC and every time the game crashes, a new crash file is automatically created on the end of the player so that the developer can track down the root cause of the crash, and hopefully, fix the problem. The problem being that the crash file dump likes to take a lot of storage space.

Taking to Reddit earlier today, one user discovered that all of the crash files of Outriders have been taking up more than 23 GB of storage space on their solid-state drive. Since the discovery was made, many other players have gone ahead to check their own crash-report folders to similar (and shocking) results.

It appears that the generated crash files are simply too large which should not normally be the case. Hence, the reason that many players who installed Outriders on their solid-state drives have been suddenly facing storage issues. People Can Fly will understandably address the problem in the near future and make those crash files weigh less.

In the meanwhile though, players should know that deleting their crash files will pose no problems to the game. Whether there is a storage issue or not, players can go ahead and wipe all of their crash reports on PC to free up important storage space. Doing so will not hamper the ability to play the game.

Outriders received its first patch on the weekend after barely a couple of weeks of release. The patch addressed a series of issues which were present on day one such as issues with matchmaking, failures to join parties, and a lot more. Expect another meaty patch to arrive soon.

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