Outriders Crafting Guide

In this Outriders Crafting guide, we will tell you how to unlock Crafting and all the things you can make with the crafting system in the all-new Outriders.

Outriders Crafting

Below we have listed how to unlock Crafting, how to craft items, and some other information about crafting in Outriders.

How to Unlock Crafting in Outriders

In Outriders, you will first need to unlock crafting before being able to use the skill. You will first need to unlock the base and also complete the first main quest.

Talk to Jakub, who will give you a mission to First City. Head to First City to start the quest ‘Dedication’. In this quest, your objective will be to find Dr. Zahedi. In the next quest called ‘Salvation’, you will have to rescue Dr. Zahedi and then obtain his briefcase.

Both these quests are quite straightforward and linear, so you won’t have to worry about what to do in them. After rescuing Zahedi, talk to him before returning to Jakub to unlock crafting.

Crafting Items

After unlocking Crafting, the crafting menu can be accessed by talking to Zahedi. Crafting items requires resources, and in Outriders, there are many different types of resources present.

Resources can be gained by mining, killing animals, etc. Below are the different resources that can be harvested in Outriders.

It can be acquired by killing animals or disassembling old armor.

It can be acquired by mining ore veins or disassembling old weapons.

It can be acquired by dismantling epic or legendary items. Also received as rare drops from enemies and ore veins.

Anomaly Shards
It can be obtained by dismantling items.

Out of the above 4 crafting materials, Leather and Iron are the most common ones as throughout the game, you will be obtaining them whenever you kill enemies or dismantle items.

Item Rarities and Levelling up Equipment
In Outriders, using Crafting, you can improve the rarity of your equipment and also level up the rare, epic, and legendary items.

In Outriders, there are 5 different Item rarities:

  • Common
  • Unusual
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

The rarity of an item can be increased by using iron, leather, or titanium (depends on the type of item). Improving the rarity of common and unusual weapons requires iron or leather. However, titanium will be required if you want to increase rarity of Rare weapons. Rarity of Epic and Legendary Items cannot be increased

When you upgrade the rarity of an item, you can apply one of the three mods currently available on them. However, the bonus attribute will be randomly assigned to the item. Gear rarity also increases the primary attribute of the weapon.

Leveling up a rare, epic, or legendary item increases the primary stats of the item. It also randomizes all the attribute values of the item. Items can be leveled up by using leather, iron, or titanium.

Bonus Attributes

In Outriders, Anomaly shards can be used to apply bonus attributes to weapons of unusual and higher rarity via Crafting.

Below we have listed down all the bonus attributes that are present in Outriders.

Armor Pierce
Damage reduction done by the enemy’s armor value is lowered.

Critical Damage
Damage done by successful critical hits increases.

Weapon Leech
Get healed for a percentage of damage you deal with a weapon.

Skill Leech
Get healed for a percentage of damage you deal with a skill.

Healing Received
The amount of health restored through direct healing increases.

Close Range Damage
Weapon damage at close range is increased.

Long Range Damage
Weapon damage at long range is increased.

Bonus Firepower
Weapon damage increases.

Anomaly Power
Skill damage increases.

Max Health
Total health is increased.

Cooldown Reduction
Cooldown time on skill is reduced.

Status Power
Effectiveness of your status effects, burn, bleed, and toxic increases damage increases. Ash, freeze, vulnerability, and weakness increase duration effect.

In Outriders, you can apply mods on your weapon. When you choose a slot to apply mod, the other slots become locked from modification. Also, the effects of mods do not stack, so if you apply 2 different mods to a piece of equipment which have same bonus, you will only get the bonus effect once

Also, as you progress through the game, you can swap weapon variants as your level increases. You will unlock weapon variants as you progress through the game.

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