Outlast Tweaks Guide – How To Improve Graphics and Performance

We had high hopes for Outlast, and it hasn’t failed to deliver.

The horror packed indie experience has managed to get a lot of attention from the community and is doing a great job. The game has been developed using the famous Unreal Engine 3 which means that the game is open to various tweaks PC gamers might like to apply to enhance the experience.

Like many other games, these tweaks will be based on the config files. The alteration brought into these files bring the desired results. However, if you are new to the tweaks thingy, it’s better for you to make a backup of the original file before applying any changes.

In these config files, you can find the concerned parameters by using “Ctrl+F”. You don’t have to search the complete parameter, just the name without its value will be fine.

Now, let’s get to different tweaks related Outlast.

#1 Outlast – How to Change FOV
Field of View is a common tweak that PC gamers like to alter depending on their choice. Being an Unreal Engine 3 game, Outlast allows you customize it with great ease. You need to find the file named “OLGame.ini” and open it using the text editor. Now, you need to find the following commands:


“x” represents the value of FOV you want to go with. So, just change the numbers and save the changes to make it effective.

#2 Outlast – How to Change Camera Based FOV
If camera view doesn’t seem satisfactory, you can also change it in the same config file (“OLGame.ini”). The parameters you are looking to change are:


#3 Outlast – How to Remove FPS Cap
In the file “OLEngine.ini”, you will be able to find the following parameters:


You need to change the first parameter to false and rest to “0” to remove the FPS cap. By default, the FPS are set around 60 but if you use this tweak, you can get higher frames depending on how good your PC is.

#4 Outlast – How to Fix Stuttering
First, if it has been a while, you should perform defragment for your hard drive to improve the experience. You can also try the following tweaks for better performance:

In the file named “OLEngine.ini”, you will find pool size under Texture Streaming. You can vary that pool size depending on the amount of RAM you have got. If you have got 4gb or above, you can keep it to 1024 or above. You may have to try different values to get a better experience. If 1024 isn’t doing good, change it to 560. “TimeBetweenPurgingPendingKillObjects” is another parameter you can use to better things up. Set it to 3600 and see the difference.

#5 Outlast – How to Remove Motion Blur
In the file “OLSystemSettings.ini”, you are looking for the following parameters:


You can change the values above as follows:


#6 Outlast – How to Improve Textures
For better textures, again open the “OLEngine.ini” file. Find the following parameters:


You can change the values as following:


Again, if these values don’t give you satisfactory results, you can alter them accordingly.

#7 Outlast – How to Enable MSAA
Open the “OLSystemSettings.ini” file this time and find the following parameters:


You should change these values to:


For MaxMultiSamples, you can choose higher values as 4, 6 or 8.

#8 Outlast – How to Improve Shadows
If you want shadows in the game to look darker and richer, you can use the following simple tweaks:

In “OLSystemSettings.ini”, find the following commands:


You should change the values as following:


#9 Outlast – How to Improve Mouse Response
In “OLSystemSettings.ini” file, find the following parameter:


And make sure that it has been changed to False.


#10 Outlast – How to Change Battery Life
You can also the change the time your battery will last in the game. How? It’s simple:

Open the “OlGame.ini” file in the config folder and then look for the following parameter:


By default, it’s set to 150.0; you can change it to whatever value you like.

Don’t forget to share any other tweaks that you found helpful by commenting below!

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