Outlast 2 Story Mode Turns Down The Scares In Favor Of Story

It’s well-known that the Outlast games are some of the scariest survival horror games out there, mainly for their first person perspectives, the helplessness of player characters besides running, and its utterly disgusting (in a horror way) imagery. Now, Red Barrel Studios is implementing an Outlast 2 story mode for players.

You can’t really stick around to enjoy the story of Outlast 2 if you’re always scared that something is going to wander over and try to kill you, so Red Barrels has decided to tone things down for players who are in less for the scares and more for the game’s story. While people might not play Outlast 2 for the scares, its story, which is more protagonist-involved than the first game’s, is certainly interesting.

Outlast 2 puts players in the role of Blake Langermann, who works with his wife Lynn as an investigative reporter. After their chopper goes down close to a backwoods community run by a cult, Blake must find and save his wife, while avoiding the homicidal cultists that want to kill her to keep the Antichrist from being born.

The Outlast 2 story mode will definitely allow players to progress through the story faster; it will change the story’s pacing to allow more room for players to explore, rather than having to spend so much time running from cultists, a constant threat in the original game.

While it’s still possible to die in the game, players will be seeing drastically reduced enemy encounter rates, minimal challenges, and easier gameplay.

Another interesting that was revealed for the new patch in addition to the Outlast 2 story mode was that some new content that was originally cut from the game to avoid an Adults Only rating has now been re-added to the game.

To see what this new content is, players can try another run-through of Outlast 2.