Outlast 2 Gameplay Footage May Make You Cry

Red Barrels announced Outlast 2 back in 2014 and also released a trailer for the game in October 2015, now the developers have released a full gameplay video for Outlast 2 which shows its new setting, which may cause you to scream and even cry a little bit.

Back in 1996 Resident evil made the horror survival genre famous, but in the last few years not many horror games made innovations in the horror survival genre so it became stale and stagnant.

Although Amnesia have made a cult following through its jump out of the seat scares but no other game was as unique as Outlast.

Developer Red Barrels are looking for new ways in Outlast 2 to scare players until they start screaming. The glimpse in the gameplay of their new corn field setting confirms that they have not forgotten how to make a unique horror game.

The gameplay video shows off a lot of heart pounding moments that players will have to face throughout the game. the video shows massacred bodies and a southern leader of a cult speaking on a loudspeaker and the protagonist running for his life in the dark corn fields from murdering psychopaths.

This 4 – 1/2 min video shows what to expect from Outlast 2 and it sure looks like this highly anticipated horror game will not disappoint.

Outlast puts players in the shoes of an investigative journalist poking around in the wrong places at the wrong time. The same looks to be the case with Outlast 2.

Outlast 2 is a first person horror survival game which is set to release on Microsoft Windows, Xbox one and PlayStation 4.

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