Outlast 2 Bandages Locations Guide

In our guide for Outlast 2 Bandages Locations, we have managed to pinpoint the location of where you can find bandages in different parts of various Chapters of the game.

Also, note that you won’t be able to pick up bandages if your inventory is full and will stop spawning until there is space in your inventory. You can also earn an achievement “Heal the Sick”, to get this achievement all you have to do is heal yourself 10 times.

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Outlast 2 Bandages Locations

Healing yourself in Outlast 2 is very simple, and also you don’t even have a health bar to begin with.

You can choose to ignore the healing until you are notified of low health, however, one hit is enough to get your health to the point where you will have to use the bandages, but most of the time you won’t need it unless you are bleeding. To heal yourself just use the bandage.

Chapter: Genesis

Location #1 – The first bandage you will find in Outlast 2 in the area where you will encounter the witch boss for the very first time. There will be a house with an open window, just climb through the window and you will find the bandage inside.

Location #2 – Once you have escaped the witch, go through the barn and you will reach a village with two enemies. You will find the bandage in the house on the right side, enter the house through the open window.

Location #3 – Inside the Chapel.

Location #4 – After the school dream, you will meet a peasant that will provide you shelter. Inside the cellar, you will find a bandage near the bed.

Location #5 – As you leave the peasant’s house you will reach a rocky area and will have to walk through the water. Once clear of the water, go uphill and you will find the bandage inside a wooden shack.

Location #6 – Through the cornfield when enemies are looking for you, under the windmill you will find the bandage.

Location #7 – On the lower floor of the barn there is a side room where you will find the bandage.

Location #8 – As you reach the village with enemies roaming around, the bandage will be inside the house of the left side of the village.

Location #9 – While escaping the cultists you will enter a kitchen and there will be bandage here.

Location #10 – After escaping the villagers you will approach in a basement of the chapel and here you will find a bandage.

Location #11 – Exit the church and you will arrive at a bigger settlement with a woman singing in the town square. The bandage will be inside the well-lit building on the left side of the road.

Location #12 – Escape the witch in the village, climb over the fence and bandage will be inside the first house on the right.

Location #13 – Escape the water mill to the wooden shack with lights turned on with a dead cow in the front. Some planks will be missing on the ground, go through it and you will find the bandage.

Location #14 – The bandage will be on the upper floor of the slaughterhouse where you have to get the hook.

Chapter: Job

Location #15 – After falling from the bridge, crawl through the tree trunk. Go to the right to a hill and bandage will be next to the corpse.

Location #16 – After the obtaining the previous one, drop down a cliff and you will reach a settlement of miners. There is a cave on the right side, at the end of the cave climb the wall for the bandage.

Location #17 – After you interact with the computer, proceed to next hallway. The bandage will be inside room 121 B.

Location #18 – After the crucifixion, the bandage will be by the tent in front of you.

Location #19 – This one is by the campfire you will come across on the left side.

Location #20, 21 – Climb up the rocks and drop down from the other side, the battery will be by the campfire. Just a few meters away check the hut for bandage 21.

Location #22, 23 – Escape the archer boss, inside the house where you retrieve your camera there will be bandages.

Location #24, 25 – After surviving another school visit you will be back in the real world. The room where you spawn has bandages. The next battery will be in a different house.

Location #26 – While escaping the archer, you will come to a campfire and bandage will be nearby.

Location #27 – Climb up the rocks, and you will find the bandage in the rocks.

Location #28, 29 – After you find the spot where you are supposed to rappel down but cannot, there will be some houses with enemies patrolling around. The bandage will be in the second house. The 29th bandage will be in the house on the opposite side on a little hill.

Location #30 – During the school visit, there is a hatch on the right side of the yard, Go through the hatch and you will find bandage on the other side.

Chapter: Lamentations

Location #31 – After you leave the school, you will reach a lake. Go through the buildings and up the hill there’s a corpse with a bandage.

Location #32 – There are two houses by the beach. The one on the right has the bandage.

Location #33 – After the raft crashes, push the tree and ahead will be a stone with blood writing saying “LOVE SET US FREE”. In front of this stone is a bandage.

Chapter: Judges Bandages

Location #34 – You will find the bandage in the room where you are spawned after the school visit.

Location #35 – In the third room inside the mine facility.

Location #36 – Leave the school and head to the next building, go past the enemies and upstairs for the bandage.

Location #37 – Another school visit, just before entering the library inside the second women’s room.

Location #38 – After the bookshelf maze, you will end up in front of a well-lit room and here is the next bandage.

Location #39 – Leave the school and the bandage will be in front of you.

Chapter: Leviticus

Location #40, 41 – When you are to activate the elevator in the mine, there can be found two bandages right in front of it.

Location #42 – After the elevator crashes, exit it and there will be a bandage on the table.

Location #43 – Where you have to push the mine cart head down the path on the right side. The bandage will be at the end.

Location #44 – Back at the mine cart, push it in the opposite direction and you will come to a campfire, crawl through the small cave. As you are able to stand the bandage will be in front of you.

Location #45 – While escaping the Witch boss, you will have to disable the cables, the bandage is near the cables.

Location #46 – After escaping the Witch, you will have to push a cart. Before pushing it, turn around and look for the bandage at the other end of the mine.

Location #47 – Push the mine cart and the path leads to the bandage, and a battery.

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