Othercide The Surgeon Boss Guide

The bosses in Othercide put on one hell of a show. The first boss you’ll go down against is The Surgeon. Using our Othercide The Surgeon Boss Guide, you’ll be able to use your Army of Daughters to effectively take out the Surgeon.

Othercide The Surgeon Boss

Considering it’s your first time going up against an ultimate enemy, you might face a lot more failure than you’d like but fret not as our Surgeon boss guide is here to help.

The Surgeon has a health of 7,000 points.

Squad Limit
You’ll only be able to take 3 daughters with you, make sure you select the best.


  • Giant Scissors – Front-Attack that deals 500 damage and knocks you back upon impact.
  • Summon Caretaker – Summons a Caretaker mob.
  • Palliative Care – Activated after all Caretakers are dead.
  • Relentless Therapy (Second Phase) – 3-hit combo.
  • Group Therapy (Second Phase) – AoE spike damage which will cause damage to anyone standing near the Surgeon.

Boss Strategy

Eliminate the Caretakers
These annoying mobs will be dedicating their short-lived lives to buff the Surgeon.

The buff will give the boss a lot of armor, and extra initiative; that basically translates to, you can’t do anything until or unless the Caretakers are dealt with first.

The boss can summon more Caretakers while it’s his turn, so make sure you take out as many as you can, and eliminate them all as soon as possible.

The Second Phase
With new abilities in its arsenal after shifting into the second phase, the boss gets deadlier and more aggressive, no longer hiding behind its caretakers.

Your Shieldbearer will tank most of the boss’ attacks and attempt to delay the boss’ turns as much as it can.

Everyone else needs to be handling any additional mobs spawning in. Your Blademaster and Soulsinger will target the Caretakers and kill them as fast as they come.

Make sure that during the entire time, your Shieldbearer has the aggro, and your other two daughters try to get some hits in while taking care of the adds.

Defeating the boss, you’ll get Remembrances, and one of these will allow you to earn a Daughter that will start directly at Level 4. The other Remembrance will allow you to skip one chapter completely.

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