Othercide The Nucleus Boss Guide

When you finally reach the end of the last chapter in the Othercide, you’ll encounter The Nucleus. This Othercide The Nucleus Boss fight may seem easy at first, but when the Suffering shows up, the difficulty will shoot up tenfold.

Othercide The Nucleus Boss

To help you defeat The Nucleus, The Suffering and finish Othercide, we’ve prepared this guide to walk you through the entire boss fight, step by step.

Nucleus Boss Stats and Attacks
Health: 35,000

Reshaping (Instant): Turns a Corrupted Daughter into a Hopebreaker mob.

Instinct (Instant): Inflicts 250 damage to all nearby Daughters and teleports to another location in the arena.

Reanimation (Instant): Spawns one or more Corrupter Daughters each turn.

First Crack (Phase Transition): When it’s HP gets down to 60%, it turns the initiative back to zero.

You can bring a team of 5 to this fight.

The Nucleus Boss Fight
Despite the fact that The Nucleus is the final boss of the game, this fight will be surprisingly easy.

At the start of the battle, five Corrupted Daughters (of different types) will spawn in front of you. Your team won’t have too much trouble with them.

After a couple of turns, The Nucleus itself will make its appearance. Above all else, you need to have your Shieldbearer hold-up the Nucleus’ turns. This will prevent it from teleporting around the arena.

While your Shieldbearer does that, you can have your Blademaster and Scythedancer chip away at The Nucleus’ health. Your Soulsingers can deal with the Corrupted Daughters spawning in the arena.

When you bring its health down to 60%, it’ll shoot out beam which travels in a plus-shaped pattern. It will inflict 750 damage to everything that is in its path, including the Corrupted Daughters.

Take this opportunity to get rid of the weakened Corrupted Daughters, but do so very carefully so you don’t get caught by the beam.

Once you deplete all of The Nucleus’ health, The Suffering will emerge out of it. The real battle starts now.

The Suffering Stats and Attacks
Health: 70,000

Ordeal (Instant): Swaps places with the Daughter farthest away and then blows up; dealing 600 damage to herself and the Daughters around it.

Pain (Reaction): When The Suffering takes damage, it depletes 150 health from each Daughter and heals herself for the same amount.

Love (Reaction): Parries a melee attack and knocks the attacker back.

Distress (Instant): Delays every single Daughter for 20 initiative.

Hardship (Instant): Each Daughter inflicts 1,000 Damage in a plus-shaped area around herself.

Purity (Phase Transition): When her HP gets down to 60%, she turns the initiative back to zero.

The Suffering Boss Fight
One thing to note is that if you don’t manage to kill The Suffering, you will still get the ‘Suffering Parasite Remembrance’.

This will increase your XP gains by +50%. So before you get back into the fight, level up your Daughters.

If you played The Nucleus boss fight properly, you should have close to full HP at this point.

Out of all of her insane attacks, Ordeal is probably the most lethal. Think of it like this: Let’s say you have three units adjacent to each other.

She can swap places with one of those units and deal 600 damage to both of the other two units.

Also, her Pain ability is painfully annoying. Because of this ability, every single one of your attacks has to do more than 150 damage.

Hence, you should use your Scythedancer and Blademaster as attackers while your Soulsingers can be used to interrupt the enemies and buff your team.

The Shieldbearer is the most important unit in this fight. Her “Blacksmith’s Grace” ability is a game-changer here. For each time she’s attacked, it will increase her initiative and armor.

This ability will allow the Shieldbearer to nullify a significant amount of damage while also delaying the abilities of The Suffering.

If you manage to defeat The Suffering, you’ll be given ‘The Flower of Paradise’. This Remembrance will make it so that all newborn Daughters are born at level 15 (the highest level).

All the Daughters you used in this fight will be sent to the cemetery. You can revive them using the Resurrection Token if you want