Othercide Blademaster Skills Guide

This guide will cover everything there is to know about the Blademaster class in Othercide. This class is more special than the other classes in this game because it has the most bas damage output. We will take a look at all the Othercide Blademaster Skills that go best with this class. Let’s get started;

Othercide Blademaster Skills

This class is the best at dealing melee damage. Bladedancer will be a perfect fit for it as she has a very powerful slash attack.

Now let’s discuss which skills you should pick vs. which skills you shouldn’t at each level when playing Blademaster.

Level 1
At this level you have to choose between lightning strike and Immovable stance.

If you choose lightning strike you will be benefiting from the ability to move instantly dealing high damage whilst dashing 5 tiles at an AP of 30.

On the other hand, if you look at Immovable stance you get even higher damage as a reaction if an enemy is in Melee range after its movement. You go down 5% HP while using this skill.

You might think that Immovable stance is good level 1 skill but Lightning strike is actually better and here’s why; there may be times when Immovable stance doesn’t work and that is because this skill is a bit bugged and can cause problems so it is best if you choose lightning strike.

Level 5
When you get to level five the choice is between Sidestep and Accepting Stance.

Sidestep needs 15 AP and like Lightning strike it’s an Instant action. Using this skill, you would be able to jump to any empty tile that is within your range.

Moving on to Accepting Stance, this skill is a reaction skill and using this skill you can deal damage if the opponent uses boost and is in front of you. This costs 5%HP.

The sidestep skill has a lesser AP cost but because you would’ve accepted our previous advice of selecting Lightning Strike so this wouldn’t be very useful.

On the other hand at level 5 Accepting stance could be much more valuable as it can damage bosses and other enemies that have High HP. You can use other buffs along this for example the Soulsinger’s Spirit Haste to get more damage.

Level 10
At level 10 you have to decide between Ghost Strike and Menacing Strike.

Ghost trike is an Instant Action skill that deals damage and along with that it will make you swap places with the enemy. It will cost 30 AP to use.

With Menacing Strike, you can deal damage to an enemy that is taking damage at the cost of 5% HP. Ghost Strike’s damage is way less than Menacing Strike.

The clear option in this comparison at level 10 would be Menacing Strike as it is an automatic Melee attack.

It is triggered upon damaging an enemy by anyone and if you combine it with Shieldbearer, Scythedancer or Soulsinger; the synergy would be great.

Level 15
Once you get to level 15 you have to choose between Blade Tornado and Vengeful Stance.

If you go with Blade Tornado which is a delayed action skill, you will be able to deal damage after 30 initiative units in an area around the daughter.

But it doesn’t end here, you will teleport after this and deal the same damage in an area around the teleported location and now your turn will finally end at the cost of only 35 AP

If you go with Vengeful stance, it will cancel the opponent’s first melee attack and in turn deal damage at the cost of 10% HP which may sound amazing and the obvious skill choice but wait, Let’s do a comparison first

If you already have two stances, it would be unnecessary to get another one. So, considering you already have other stances it is best if you go with Blade Tornado this time as your skill choice.

Another reason to want to get this over vengeful stance is that the blade tornado covers a large chunk of tiles resulting in many enemies targeted and dealt with in a singular action.

Best Memories or mods to choose
When choosing memories or mods you should always go for the choices that will increase your damage. The examples for these kinds of mods are:

  • Collapse: This increases the damage by 30%.
  • Drill: This increases the damage by 20%.
  • Mercy: This increases the damage by 60%.
  • Sever: This increases the damage by 25%.

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