Other God Of War Modes Will Be Available When Game Releases

Other God of War modes will be available other than the game's story mode, according to Sony Santa Monica director Cory Barlog.

Cory Barlog has confirmed on Twitter that there will be other God of War modes in the game when it releases, such as modes other than story. He also answered a few other questions on things like minigames and save states. The game comes out in a little over two weeks.

This upcoming God of War game is very different from what the games are usually like, considering everything that’s changed since the franchise’s Greek days. In addition to Kratos’s son, his beard, and his different weapon and new setting, the games include a different variety of combat, new enemies, and more.

Cory Barlog responded to a number of questions that mainly focused around other God of War modes; for instance, he confirmed that there would be other modes besides the game’s story mode, so players will likely be faced with the same sort of challenge mode that came with the original God of War games.

Players will also be able to have multiple save files for a single account, so you can save different playthroughs or rotate your saves to keep your game safe if something happens to corrupt the save.

Another big change (well, for a given value of big) to the game is the removal of a certain infamous mini-game from the original series. Kratos will no longer be propositioned by women in this game. This happened once in each of the previous main God of War games, something that was rather controversial to many.

But hopefully, with this upcoming God of War game being bigger than any sort of game that Sony Santa Monica has done before, that the other God of War modes that Barlog teased will be just as big. The game will be coming out exclusively for the Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro on April 20.

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