Ori and the Blind Forest Secret Areas Locations ‘No Stone Unturned ‘Guide

You may find yourself so soaked up in the beautifully crafted world of Ori and the Blind Forest that you may overlook some hard-to-find secrets. There are areas hidden behind translucent walls which can be accessed by jumping into them – provided that you find them first.

There is also an unlock-able ability which can make it relatively easier to find these hidden areas but you can’t unlock it right off the bat. There are a total of 43 of these hidden areas which can be accessed using this article.

One important thing to note here is that out of these 43 areas, only 4 are miss-able which are Ginso Tree, Forlorn Ruins, Mount Horu, and Misty Woods. You just need to ensure that you acquire 90 per cent on your Achievement Tracker before entering Mount Horu. Finding all secret areas will net you 3 Achievements or Trophies:

  • So Many Secrets
  • Seasoned Explorer
  • No Stone Unturned

Another thing to note here is that ‘No Stone Unturned’ is highly glitchy.and a number of players are reporting it ‘Locked’ even after finding all secret areas.

You can try out the video tutorial provided by KorbeK Gaming for a potential fix.

For the locations of all secret areas and how to access them, check the featured video provided above, courtesy of Erutaerec1986.

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