Ori and the Blind Forest Map Stone Fragments Locations ‘World at your Feet’ Guide

Aside from translucent secret areas that can be discovered in Ori and the Blind Forest, there are more than half a dozen Map Stone Fragments that can be found scattered across different areas.

The collectible is divided into 2 categories: a broken grey structure called Map Stone and a corresponding grey stone with yellowish hue called Fragment.

Once you stumble across a Fragment, you need to locate it to a deactivated Map Stone and join them together to restore its power and update a portion of the corresponding area. There are a total of 8 Map Stone Fragments in Ori and the Blind Forest and this guide aims at providing the locations for all of them.

Finding all the Map Stone Fragments will net you the following Achievements or Trophies:

  • Marking the Way
  • Halfway There
  • World at your Feet

You can check out the video provided above by Erutaerc1986 for a detailed overview of the Map Stone Fragments and their locations:

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