Ori 3 Development Hinted by a Leaked Artwork

A leaker named Nash Weedle has posted what looks to be a promotional art piece for a third game in the Ori video game series by. While it’s a rumor for the time being, considering how well both games have been received, it’s an interesting possibility.

The Ori games are developed by Moon Studios, and both of them, Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps, have been very well-received. Both titles are Metroidvania games, where Ori must obtain various abilities in order to progress through a collection of different areas.

Since both games are so popular it’s no surprise that some people would want Ori 3. However, considering how the second game ended, a third game would be impossible with the way the story went, as the end of the game has the Spirit Tree reveal that it was Ori all along. While a new Spirit Guardian was also born at the end of the game, and a third game could focus on them, who knows if it actually will happen.

In order for there to be a third game to begin with, Moon Studios would have to come up with a new story that they feel would justify a third game, especially since the last game ended Ori’s story in such a definitive way and Will of the Wisps was made with the idea of not just making a cash-in. The game could be about the new Spirit Guardian, or possibly some other story about Ori’s life, but with how the last two games went, the latter option is unlikely.

It’s also possible that the “promotional art” is just wishful thinking on behalf of someone, and the leaker found it by accident and thought it was legitimate. Either way, before we get very excited at the possibility of a third Ori game, we should allow Moon Studios to make the statement of whether one is coming or not.

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