The Order: 1886 Dev Ready at Dawn Shares Some New Details on Weapons

The Order: 1886 is one of the most anticipated games of 2015. Set in the Victorian-Era London, the game has impressed many since its reveal. The Order 1886 features amazing visuals, exceptional lighting and relativley a fresh concept.

The Order of Knights, under the leadership of Galahad are fighting a powerful ancient enemy. And to fight a powerful enemy you will need powerful weapons, that’s where Nikola Tesla comes in to play. The historic inventor is a crucial part of the ongoing battle between the Knights and Half Breeds.

Nikola Tesla will be the chief scientist of weapons manufacturers around the globe and with his help, Knights will have a variety of weapons at their disposal.

According to Ru Weerasuriya from Ready At Dawn, Tesla’s inclusion in the game helped in various ways to ground many technological advancements they wanted to add to their version of industrial revolution.

In the game, industrial revolution is the result of this war between humans and half breeds, so majority of the weapons included in the game are invented to defeat half breed threats.

“Because our Industrial Revolution is a result of the war between Humans and Half-Breeds, many of the inventions of our timeline are primarily focused on ways to aid in this fight.”

Ready At Dawn was careful with the material and design chosen while creating the weapons because they wanted to make sure that weapons felt in line with the real world of 1800s.

“Whether real or invented, we always made sure that every weapon we designed followed specific guidelines regarding their assembly, their material use and their craftsmanship. They needed to feel grounded in the real world of the late 1800s.”

Some frequently used weapons in the game include the Couch Gun, Carbine and maschinenpistole and all of them represent technology of that era. Some weapons like the Arc gun is based on electricity and others such as Thermite Rifle use alternative ammo in the form of aluminum iron oxide.

As you can see a lot of attention is given to weapons detail, environments and more. But as I have stated before in one of my other articles, what concerns me is the lack of actual gameplay shown by Ready At Dawn. Since E3 we have been shown the same gameplay sequence over and over.

The game looks great no argument there and is so far in my opinion the best looking PS4 title. But how well does it handle the gameplay side of things is still not clear even when the game is now just months away from release. The way this title has been shown to media and fans alike since its reveal, is strange. Other then that same gameplay we have been shown nothing new and that raises a lot of concerns. Will The Order 1886 live up to its expectations? Share your views with us in the comments below!

The Order 1886 is a PS4 exclusive and will launch on February 20, 2015.

Source: PS Blog

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