Orcs Must Die 3 Tips

Orcs Must Die 3, the third installment, is finally being released on Steam and like previous games in the series, it goes a long way to know a few handy tricks. In these Orcs Must Die 3 Tips, we’ll be highlighting a few important pieces of information that we wish we knew before starting off with the game.

Orcs Must Die 3 Tips for Beginners

Below you’ll find a few helpful Orcs Must Die 3 Tips for Beginners.

How to Farm Skulls

Skulls is the currency for Orcs Must Die 3. This currency is received as a reward for completing levels and the number of Skulls you’ll receive depends upon the time used and the number of Rift Points you make during each level. Skulls are really useful in upgrading weapons especially traps.

During North Wing on apprentice; the first level in Orc Must Die 3, you’ll start off by using two ranged weapon traps known as the Arrow Wall and the Shock Zapper. Both traps can be accessed quite early into the game so you won’t have any trouble finding them.

Simply, place Arrow walls on the left side of the corridor while placing the shock zapper on the ceiling of the entrance where the wave of Orcs will come from.

At this level, you must fight your way through four waves of Orcs. There are two types of Orcs you’ll face in this level: The Medium Orcs and the Light Orcs. Both Orcs can easily be killed if you have positioned the traps properly.

Once done, just keep killing the Orcs and collect the Skulls they drop and repeat this process until you get a good number of skulls in your collection from which you can upgrade your traps from the Upgrade folder on the menu.

Neat and effective!

How to Use Kill Boxes

The best way to earn combo rewards is by setting up traps and what better trap to set up than the Kill Boxes. Kill Boxes are used for Movement efficiency, Trap efficiency, and combos.

Think of Kill Boxes as a combination of multiple traps which range from Arrow walls, grinders, and especially the barricade placed between each trap to slow down the waves of Orcs coming your way.

As for the combos, you’ll receive combos once the Orcs you kill are killed in one position with multiple attacks at once. For example: using a spike trap, an arrow wall, and following it up by using the bow arrow gives you up to a 6x Combo for the damage caused.

Make sure to integrate barricades as well into your Kill Boxes to force Orcs to stay in specific parts of the Kill Box longer and consequently take more damage in the process.

Once you’ve learned these basics, you can now set up Kill Boxes all you want and get rewarded with insanely high scores to outrank your friends in any game.

Weapon Mechanics

There are two types of attacks for each weapon in Orc Must Die 3; the Primary attack and the Secondary attack. With primary attacks, you can use your weapon to shoot more frequently as compared to secondary attacks which use mana.

Holding down the primary attack on a weapon such as a Bow can do wonders during a fight since rather than shooting with pauses, the bow shoots like a rifle causing more frequent damage. Depending on your situation, you’re going to want to effectively manage your resources in order to handle the incoming waves.

What makes the mechanics in OMD3 so unique is the fact that you can hold your secondary attack charge as well as shoot your primary attack all at once.

Additional Orcs Must Die 3 Tips

As mentioned before, you can spend Skulls on buying traps, swapping heroes; which are most often not refundable.

You can refund the skulls spent on the upgrade of traps and weapons in case you need them for a higher level.

Before heading into any mission, make sure to check out the stats of each enemy on the screen.

Lastly, the best option in the game is changing your defense mid-fight. You can now swap and remove each trap during a fight through the ‘Choose your Defense Screen’ even if you’ve already set them up.

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