Operation Dark Hours Raid Won’t Let You Use Skills, “Power Play Items,” Increased Bullet Damage and More Leaked

Live-service games need a steady stream of content to keep their player base intact and Ubisoft’s The Division 2 is no exception to this rule. The Division 2 is getting Tidal Basin stronghold this month but the what we are most excited about the Operations Dark Hours 8-man raid. Ubisoft hasn’t shared much about the raid so data-miners had to come in and see what they can find. The Division 2 operations Dark Hours raid details are leaked it looks like thanks to the efforts of one “KevinDavid40.”

The data miner has leaked some interesting details about the first raid of The Division 2. According to the leaked information, the game will start at Arlington bridge with a team of 8 players.

The whole team has to make it to the other side alive without using any skills, although the enemies will drop some items that will boost weapon damage.

One random player in the team will be marked as ‘Hunted’ and he will be able to see the escape route to guide his team. However,  the marked player will also become the focus of every enemy and all 7 players in the team will have to protect the marked player if they want to progress in the game. After clearing the bridge the team will be divided into 2, each having 4 players. From there, players will head to the bazaar area.

Both the teams will have to carry out specific tasks and help each other to survive the attack of the Elites. The teams will move along different routes and join together at an extraction point. Operations Dark Hours raid will then move on to the airport. The raid team will move along the parking lot and will be ambushed by heavy machinery and air strikes.

Operation Dark Hours will end on the runway where the raiding team will face the main boss who will be accompanied by a mini-boss. The data-miner also reported that there will be new special items to pick up as the raid goes on.

These items will be called “PowerPlay’ items as their effects will only last for a small amount of time. The Division 2 Power Play items will only be dropped by some special enemies and at hidden places as Dark Hours goes on. Following is a list of some of these powerplay items:

  • Dark Drinker: A signature weapon, limited usage, restocks signature ammo
  • Dark Devourer: Fast recharge, allows infinite skill recharging
  • Thieves Den: A collectible that allows agents to spot vanity and exotic stashes
  • Dawn of Dark: A character who unlocks an additional raid checkpoint

It goes without saying that all this information is just a data-mining effort and should not be considered final. If all the details prove to be true then the gamers will surely have great raiding experience.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Operations Dark Hours doesn’t have a final release date at the time of this writing.

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